Sunday, December 27, 2009

A woman who likes sex?

Warning - do not click on above if you are offended by descriptions of sexual activities ;).

Liz Phair hit the airwaves in '94 with Exile in Guyland. Okay, didn't hit the airwaves, at least not with this song, "Flower", which is so obscene that it violates probably every FCC code ;). But that was the point, I think. That's what made you "leading edge", having songs so obscene that they can't be played anywhere that children might hear them. Because, after all, it would be just plain wrong to let children know that women can like sex too, right?

-- Badtux the Nature Penguin


  1. Berlin also had their song "Sex (I'm a...)" banned back in '82, well before Top Gun got them popular play. In advertising they say sex sells, but on radio...

  2. Wooof!

    JzB the woman appreciating trombonist

  3. Lotsa women like sex. As long as the man is doing it right. (Perhaps if the man is a woman they like it too, but that's not my scene...)


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