Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am going to be transitioning the blog shortly to a Blogspot domain. The issue is mostly one of making my blog recession-proof -- if I can't afford my hosting fees due to unemployment, illness, or other bad thing happening, I'll still have a blog. More news on the rehosting front shortly...

-- Badtux the Pragmatic Penguin


  1. I hear ya, Tux. I just moved my blog off my own website and onto a site. My hosting contract was about to expire, and I couldn't justify re-upping with money as tight as it is.

  2. I'm confused. You have a blogger URL, just like me. Mine is free.

    If I enter in the URL window, it takes me to my own blogger dashboard page.

    What am I missing?

    JzB the ignernt trombonist

  3. You're missing the fact that when you typed "" you instead got "" ;-). I have set up's URL rewriter to forward URL's to the Blogspot URL, though this functionality won't be there if I ever lose my hosting. Unfortunately Blogger lost my bookmarks in the process :(.

    - Badtux the Geeky Penguiin

  4. Have you though about Their blogging interface is a lot more advanced than Blogger's, and I'm pretty sure you could import all your posts into Wordpress. Food for thought...

  5. I would lose all my Blogger comments if I moved to Wordpress. Besides, I've run Wordpress recently for another blog (which I won't disclose here ;) and found that Wordpress's interfaces do *not* allow me to do some of the things that I do with Blogger's interfaces. You need to know how to edit Blogger's CSS in order to do the fancy stuff with Blogger, but the free Wordpress hosting doesn't even *allow* you to edit the CSS. You have to pay extra money for that capability.

    In short, I'm staying on Blogger / Blogspot, since I am a bit of a CSS geek and the free Blogger setup allows me much more flexibility in my blog template and layout compared to the free Wordpress setup...

    - Badtux the Blogging Penguin

  6. True that, when I moved I lost all the customizations I had done to the Wordpress CSS on my own website. But hey, at least I'm not paying for that webhost anymore, especially since they were a crappy host and my site kept disappearing for hours (and occasionally days) at a time. IPower can eat me!


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