Tuesday, December 08, 2009

When the Sonic Youth actually were youth

Kim Gordon is what, almost 60 years old now? Performing as "Sonic Youth" is the ultimate in irony today, but they're still out there touring and everything.

This is "Schitzophrenia", off of their album Sister. This particular concert was in 1991, but they were performing the song live in 1987, except in 1987 Steve Shelley was the only one of them who knew how to play, and by 1991, they'd all learned how to play their instruments (thankfully! I like noise as well as anybody, but it ought to be *musical* noise!).

Question: Would any of you appreciate iTunes or Amazon.com or etc. links to the clips I'm posting? I can provide them, but figure I'm giving enough info for you to figure out where to get it at your favorite source of music so haven't bothered thus far. Right now my policy is that I'll provide a link to a source only if there's a sole source for the song that's not easy to find, e.g., if the only place to get a particular song is from iTunes or from some obscure indy label's web site.

-- Badtux the Music Penguin

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