Saturday, December 19, 2009

I am on vacation

For the last two weeks of this year, I am on vacation. I will be in and out of Internet range. I've lined up plenty of music for you guys though while I'm away...

-- Badtux the Vacationing Penguin


  1. I suppose this is where the Lady Gaga appears.

    Have fun and stay safe!


  2. Above all : Enjoy Yourself !
    Haven't had a vacation in years myself and the being unemployed for over 2 years is not an equilivant.
    Go For It

  3. Jazz: It will be Lady Gaga all day, every day. Oh wait, the first queued-up music video has appeared, and it's not Lady Gaga. Okay, so I lied :).

    w3ski, intend to. I spent years without a vacation. First I was teaching and had to spend my "vacations" either working to make enough "extra" money to actually survive on, then I was trying to get ahead in my chosen business and did so by making myself seem indispensable, and taking a vacation would have put the lie to that (actually I did take a couple of very brief vacations, but ended up getting so many phone calls to tell them how to resolve various situations they didn't have the expertise to resolve that it wasn't worth the trouble to take a real one). So anyhow, this past few years are really the first time I've ever had real "vacations", so I'm taking the opportunity.

    - Badtux the Vacationing Penguin


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