Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cheerful Christmas Music Blogging

Okay, I lied.

Townes Van Zandt once said, when asked why he wrote so many sad songs, "they're not sad, they're hopeless." I beg to disagree. This song, "Tecumseh Valley", is both.

Tomorrow be sure to come by, I have some very special Christmas music for you tomorrow. Jazzbumpa in particular will especially enjoy it.

-- Badtux the "Merry Christmas" Penguin


  1. Merry Christmas BadTux


  2. But the sunshine walked beside her. Merry Christmas, BadTux, and may you find hope in better microphones, hungry kitties, and good vacations. If the man who was thought to be God can bring you hope in the sunshine, so be it.

  3. Townes, townes, townes...

    I never had noticed before, but he's just telling a story out of his own life.

    Great Christmat present by the way-

    Fade-the random redneck


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