Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tiger Woods

Who the fuck gives a shit? You got 20% real unemployment, state governments going bankrupt, people dying on the streets for lack of healthcare, hundreds of American soldiers dying every month in wars that nobody thinks are worthwhile or winnable other than a few dozen dead-enders who insist that victory is just a few more years and a few thousand more lives thrown in the meat grinder, and... who the fuck cares about Tiger Woods?

-- Badtux the WTF Penguin


  1. You've got it all wrong! Those confusing, depressing things about the war, economy, etc. -- THAT's what nobody is interested in.

    But Tiger Woods! I've seen him on teevee. I feel like I know him. I've seen pictures of his bimbo on teevee. I understand sex. Stuff like that makes me all emotional. Just like little boys trapped in floating silver balloons, and skeevy party-crashers with blonde hair and red dresses, and Michael Jackson! I want to know MORE!!!!! It's so much easier to think about than complicated, boring stuff.

    (Excuse me -- I was channeling my inner TV presenter moron there...)

    This snark brought to you by America's Meeja Incorporated -- where our motto is "Hey! Look at the bright shiny object!"

  2. Another case of "personality cultism".
    Personally I don't believe we are hardwired to it. I rather think it's started and reinforced by exposure to Main Stream Media.
    In the early 70's I had no outside media for about 2 years and to this day I still act against it's influence.

  3. What Bukko said.

    Nothing is ever as popular as real life emulating a soap opera.

    And this is primo. A gorgeous, jealous wife that any red-blooded boy would do in a heart-beat, and a guy who is the best in the world at an essentially worthless activity doin' some other Babe!

    It's got money, sex, machismo and sex!

    How could it be any better?


  4. Do as I say, not as I do???
    Uhh xscuuzee me here, aren't "we" continuing to talk about the poor shmuck, thereby making more of a deal about it???
    a guilty as charged w3ski

  5. w3ski -

    Have you ever been accused of having a hyper-active sense of irony?

    Anyway, who is this Woods guy, anyway. Never heard of him.


  6. I do have to say that I was a little disappointed in Tiger. He was driving an Escalade! Of all the great cars he could buy with his money, he buys a Pimpmobile...very disappointed...

  7. Who cares what kind of car the dude drives? He makes a living by hitting a ball with a stick, for cryin' out loud!

    And I ain't talkin' about the dude. I'm talkin' about the media hyperbole. I don't know -- or care -- what the dude did as long as it's not something like starting random wars that kill millions of people, or going apeshit crazy in a mall and mowing down half of Anaheim, or some sick shit like that. Every time I see the word "Tiger Woods" in a headline my eyes move right on past it to something else (and I don't watch TV so I don't have to be subjected to TV "news" about the story). A stick, guys. A stick. That's what this dude makes his living swinging. WTF?

    - Badtux the WTF Penguin

  8. Distraction from revolution.

  9. BT -

    I doesn't matter what he drives or what he does for a living. He's rich, famous, and bangs beautiful chicks.

    It's soap opera, man. The media are all over it because it is what people want to watch, read, and pretend they are living.

    The media follow the masses.

    Jzb the explaining trombonist

  10. Well I am shocked that he was not driving a Buick, as that is one of his major sponsors. For shame.

    And shame on the media as well, but in a country as ignorant as this one, you can't expect foreign or even domestic affairs to trump the affair of a sports hero.

    Ratings come first, you must remember that no one cares if we are idiots, as long as there is a profit to be made.


    With no appologies.

    JzB the worse verse trombonist


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