Monday, December 28, 2009

I gwot a cowd

I have returned early from vacation because of a miserable cold that I picked up on that bleepin' aluminum tube to Buffalo. Friggin' virus spreading mechanisms, that's all that modern jet airliners are...

-- Badtux the miserable Penguin


  1. Serves you right for stomping around on the planet, but thank you for helping to destroy it.

  2. Well excuse me for having to work for a living rather than being a retired deadbeat like you. You don't think I *voluntarily* boarded a jet to Buffalo in the middle of fucking *winter*, do you? Penguins have to eat, and that's how I earn my herring -- by going where my company sends me.

  3. Hey B/T welcome back.
    I have a question for you if I may.
    It is commomn knowledge that there were paid shills at both the tea bag events and the town hall shoutdowns.
    In effect the corperation was street protesting.
    I remember the anti-union crowd protested a bit at the turn of the century but between then and now have there been corperation led protests?
    This is a scary turn of events as I see it.
    a curious w3ski


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