Monday, December 28, 2009

The anti-pop

Thing about the 90's was that you didn't need a bass guitar. Two guitars and a drummer, and you were in business. Since most bassists are guitarists frustrated that they can't get a gig playing guitar, that was sorta handy, but now things are back to normal and bands have a bass guitar again to go booming away at the bottom end.

This is Sleater-Kinney when they were still in their riot grrl phase, "Not What You Want" , album is Dig Me Out. Corinne Tucker's voice is... unusual. She has a yelp that has a quaver in it. Doesn't sound bad, just different.

Sleater-Kinney appears to have broken up. A pity, their last album (The Woods) was pretty good. Carrie Brownstein says they pretty much did everything they wanted to do, made the record they always wanted to make, and have no reason to get back together. I guess that's as good a reason to stop playing music as any.

- Badtux the Music Penguin

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