Saturday, December 26, 2009

Drunken Angel

No, not her song about Blaze Foley, I've already mentioned that one. But for many of Lucinda Williams' recent performances, it seems she's been hitting the sauce pretty heavily before getting up on stage. I suppose when you've written as many great songs for as little public recognition as Lucinda's gotten there's a reason for that, but let's hope she doesn't go the way of her friend Townes van Zandt and drink herself to death.

This is the song "Out of Touch", from her album Essence, which was a trip through the stories heard in hard-luck East Texas bars sung by a lady who'd obviously been there. Lucinda's rough voice was made for these kinds of songs -- they're not pretty, and having them sung by some pretty-voiced pop tart would be an atrocity.

-- Badtux the Rough-livin' Penguin

Oh yeah, my apologies for yesterday's lapse of sanity. I'm just not much of a holiday penguin, and an outrageously cynical song like that seemed entirely appropriate. "Cherry cherry boom boom" indeed...


  1. Back in the early 90's when my daughter came out of the country closet - much to her father's dismay - I bought her a Lucinda Williams album, figuring - hey, HER father is the poet laureate, and she gets his advice on lyrics sometimes, so this might be OK.

    What Karen said to me after listening to it was: "So, Dad, do you WANT me to slash my wrists?"

    Lucinda will be 57, a month from yesterday.

    But, Tux, can you really say a three-time grammy winner lacks public recognition?

    JzB the genuinely obscure trombonist

  2. I'm sorry to read that Lucinda seems to be drinking again- I saw her in Austin almost two years ago, first time I was pretty certain she was sober that I had seen her, and she was amazing. Sure, I kinda missed the drunken rambles but the consequences of that drunkenness(showing up late, playing short shows, etc.) aren't really worth it.
    Such talent....I hope it won't leave us prematurely.


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