Tuesday, December 22, 2009


"Soldiers Get Strange", by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. Jason is a kinda doughy youngster who, in person, sounds kinda goofy. But when he gets up on that stage and sings a song like this, he's damn well serious. The Drive By Truckers pulled him in as a guitarist when their prior guitarist left and Jason stepped in and not only played guitar, but contributed some of the best songs on the three albums he was with the Truckers. Now Jason's on his own, touring, touring, touring, never staying in any city more than two days at a time. I suppose some people have so many things happening in their head that they can't stand to stay in one place too long for fear that something will explode.

-- Badtux the Merry Christmas Penguin


  1. Aw, Tux, you got me with this one. A song about genuine human tragedy. And it's played out every day, everywhere, on very small stages.

    I makes me think of my father - a member of Brokaw's "Greatest Generation." These were the old guard - WW II vets who were my first colleagues when I joined the work force in 1968.

    They were drunks - damned near to a man. PTSD was not identified in those days. Guys with really sever cases were called "shell-shocked."

    But the walking wounded self-medicated with alcohol.


    It was tragic then and it's tragic now.

    JzB the unable to sign off with the normal "Cheers! trombonist

  2. Tux-
    I've previously confessed my mad Jason Isbell love here (and in several other venues)- he's a gifted musician and storyteller. My favorite story I've heard him tell live about his music is that he wrote "Outfit" as a Father's Day gift when he was completely broke.

    A wonderful interview with him that I came across recently is here:

    All I can say is "yep". My Daddy is a Vietnam vet, and while he's okay I know of so many who really aren't. When will we figure this out?!?


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