Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some bouncy Brit-pop

Band is named Salad, from the 1990's, one of the best decades for music that we've ever had, and the song is named "Diminished Clothes" (hmm?). I must admit to having a weakness for bands with hot red-headed female singers, as long as said singer can actually sing (always a requirement, heh!). And Marijne Van Der Vlugt definitely had the hot *and* the voice, as well as the talent -- she wrote most of their songs. Alas, the buying public did not agree, and they disbanded after three albums.

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. I miss 1990s music. Honestly, nothing of the past decade has measured up to the 1990s. I'm going to listen to some Mudhoney to cleanse my brain-pan of Lady Gaga.

  2. The studios lost their collective minds in 1999 when they started suing their customers for listening to their music. They could have figured out some way to sell to their customers using this new-fangled Internet thingy -- e.g., put all their songs on low-res Internet radio with a "Buy This Album In Full Hi-Def" button as each song came up -- but instead, they sued customers left and right in a vain game of whack-a-mole intended to preserve their business model unchanged, as if buggy whip makers had sued people buying those new-fangled "automobile" thingies for threatening their business model. And as their customers retaliated by downloading rather than paying for music, they circled their wagons and quit backing edgy or interesting bands, only "sure things", and turned radio into a bland wasteland of derivative soda pop acts. Someone like Nirvana could have never come up in the '00s, the record companies would have never taken a chance on them but would have just signed another aging hair metal band to put out yet another retread of Black Sabbath's ground-breaking 1970's stuff.

    The good news is that there *was* some good and interesting music playing in the '00s. The bad news is that it's damned hard to find, because it's often self-published or published by tiny labels in out-of-the-way places and known only by a few thousand fans who've caught the live act in those cities that still have live music venues.

    BTW, not getting the Lady Gaga hate. I wouldn't buy her albums or listen to her music on YouTube for more than 15 seconds at a time (I'd rather listen to the original Madonna, thank you very much), but her cynical take on pop stardom at least isn't the vacuous stupidity that afflicts most of the other young starlet types. She's an appropriate symbol of the Bush Presidency -- anything for a buck, say or do whatever it takes to fill your pockets with green -- but harmless, unlike what the Bushies did to our economy.


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