Saturday, December 19, 2009


Mostly here for the horns, so that Jazzbumpa can explain them to us ;).

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. OK. Left to right you have a euphonium or baritone horn (there is some subtle difference between the two, but they play the same,) trumpet, and tenor sax. The Euph is basically a tenor tuba, and for much of the song it is playing an oom-pah bass line, while the Trumpet is muted - cup or Harmon, I'll have to watch again to catch that and the lyrics. Tenor sax is - well - tenor sax: that mainstay horn for rock bands. This is basically a Dixieland song, and reveals itself at the end. Trumpet opens up, and the three horns swing out in improvised polyphony. That euph player really wails! Note he also doubles on trombone. I can do that!

    Off to T-town for weekly mom-maintenece.

    JzB the started-on-euphonium trombonist

  2. That was quite enjoyable. Like the suits; hate the crewcuts. Men seem to no longer be aware of how much nicer they look with long hair. Crewcuts, buzzcuts, etc., are a real turnoff to this woman. They are for the lazy. I wonder how much money those guys pay a hairdresser for a nothing hairdo. I remember when long hair for men became fashionable; and, how stunned I was at how easily an average looking guy became drop dead gorgeous. P.S. Are the cats on vacation, too?

  3. Jazz: nice ;).

    Bonnie: I think they're supposed to be trying for the flavor of the 1940's big band era, though they're not a big band. Crew cuts were required.

    Oh yeah, every day is vacation for the cats. All they need is food and water and kitty litter and they're happy. Well, they like having me around too, but they don't *need* me, as long as someone is putting food and water down for them on a regular basis...

    -Badtux the Vacationing Penguin


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