Thursday, May 31, 2007


If you've been getting "host not found" errors, mia culpa. Finally just outright exploded my server, and had to do the migration before the DNS got redirected to the new site. Not everything is working yet. In particular, everything that needs MySQL is AWOL at the moment (that's all my Drupal-based sites, which you probably don't know about but if you try to connect to a site and get a 'cannot connect to database' that is what's happening). Hopefully soon!

-- Badtux the Tired Penguin

Out of memory, sigh

Sorry about the site being down, spammers have really been beating me up. I'm in the process of migrating to a different server, so please have patience if you try to connect and get nothing, or if you post and it doesn't seem to show up on the site. It'll get there eventually.


Badtux the Patient Penguin

Former Marine to Major X: "Go fuck yourself"

Yes, he really said that when, as an ex-Marine who had been honorably discharged, a Major wrote an EMAIL telling him he couldn't participate in anti-war protests. Talk about jar-heads!

So what's the Marine Corps' response?

Well, they decided to rescind his honorable discharge, and offered him a less-than-honorable discharge if he'd just shut the fuck up. So what does he tell'em?

"Go fuck yourself" again.

Some folks got stones the size of fuggin' beach balls.

I dunno what kinda love we can give Adam Kokesh, but I'm sure that the only way they'll shut up this PFC ("Proud Fuckin' Civilian") is if they put him in jail. Meanwhile, the Marines ought to be ashamed for trying to shut up a civilian honorably seperated from the Marines by revoking his honorable discharge. That kinda political bullshit acting as political operatives for the Bushevik regime is not what the military is supposed to be about. Our military is supposed to be about killing our nation's enemies dead, not about suppressing free speech within the borders of our country. There's a name for the kind of country where the military is used to suppress free speech within the borders of the country. It's called "military dictatorship". It's not what our nation is supposed to be about. For shame, General Moore!

-- Badtux the Stones-appreciatin' Penguin

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Well, I bought it...

"It" being an Envision G22LWk 22" Widescreen LCD. See, the problem is that I have a shelf over my monitor that my printer and scanner live on. Yeah, my iceberg is kinda cramped. So I couldn't go taller. But a 22" Widescreen is about the same height as the 17" LCD that it replaced. Only wider.

Some lessons learned:

  1. DVI is much sharper than analog, and this thing won't work at full 1650x1050 resolution in analog anyhow.
  2. You have to reboot your system to make Linux use the DVI output rather than the analog output, because Linux consults the BIOS, and if the BIOS didn't see it during boot time, Linux doesn't see it.
  3. The free 'nv' Nvidia driver is too slow to drive 1650x1050 worth a darn.
  4. There was no pre-packaged "nvidia" proprietary driver for the low-latency Ubuntu Studio kernel. I tried downloading the proprietary nVidia driver straight from the nVidia web site, but could not get it to run. I finally removed every trace of it and installed Envy and told Envy to install the nVidia driver for me. It did all the magic needed to get it going. Whee!
  5. My Linux system is still too slow to view DVD's at full resolution though :-(. (Combination of fairly old/slow video card, slow motherboard, and old CPU).
Next up, I suppose, is upgrading my motherboard/CPU/memory/video card to less... antiquated... hardware so I can view DVD's full screen the way they're meant to be...

-- Badtux the Linux Penguin

On the "incompetence" of Bush

George W. Bush does a passable imitation of a moron. But is he?

A bit of history here. I lived through the Reagan administration. The administration of Ronald Reagan was one of the most corrupt in our nation's history. This was an era of $500 hammers and $2 billion dollar bombers. More Reagan Administration officials were convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors than even Nixon officials.

Yet none of this seemed to stick to Reagan personally. Why? Because he projected the image of the affable moron to the general public. When Ronald Reagan appeared before Congress and replied "I don't recall" time after time when asked questions about breaking the law against sending money to a bunch of Somoza's drug-running goons called "Contras" by the Reaganites, everybody just shook their head and sighed. Because they believed him. Surely he was just too senile, too genial an old fool, to have anything to do with planning something so vile and evil as financing the drug dealers who brought the crack cocaine epidemic to Los Angeles?

Thing is, Reagan really wasn't that senile. Oh sure, he wasn't a detail man by any means. But on the important things, he was notorious for listening to everybody's input, then making a decision that showed he had a firmer grasp on the big picture than anybody else in that room. For example, when the U.S. involvement in the Lebanese Civil War on behalf of Israel caught U.S. troops in the crossfire and a couple hundred U.S. Marines got blown to smithereens, Reagan told the Israelis, "Screw you, you're not worth one dead American" and pulled the Marines out and let the Israelis and Syrians figure it out. He had an firm grasp of the big picture -- that there wasn't a single U.S. interest being served by having American troops in Lebanon -- and yanked the troops out (after running a few raids to "punish" Hamas, and shelling the heck out of the Muslim suburbs with 16" shells from a U.S. battleship).

Yet because he played the genial fool, he literally got away with murder. When he died, nobody brought up the fact that he had one of the most corrupt Republican administration since the days of Ullyses S. Grant. They just remembered the genial old cowboy who was a nice old dude. So here's a question: Is Bush really as incompetent and stupid as he seems? Or is this just another Reagan-style act to avoid being prosecuted for the crimes of his subordinates (e.g. obstruction of justice by Alberto Gonzales, illegally wiretapping Americans without FISA approval, etc.)?

-- Badtux the Interested Penguin

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Long Green

A father of a soldier killed in Iraq speaks:

Memorial Day orators will say that a G.I.'s life is priceless. Don't believe it. I know what value the U.S. government assigns to a soldier's life: I've been handed the check. It's roughly what the Yankees will pay Roger Clemens per inning once he starts pitching next month.
Bullshit is just that, bullshit. If you want to know the real value this nation places on anything, the long green tells you the whole story. An old story. Alas.

As for the notion that we have democracy in America, the fact that the Democrats in Congress just gave Bush more money than he wanted to wage war in Iraq, for a war that 72% of Americans oppose, should end that delusion. Follow the money. These people who supposedly "represent" us are bought and paid for servants of the real rulers of America, and do the bidding of the real rulers of America, not us. And the sheeple of the United States, rather than demand democracy and string these goddamned sonofabitches up from the nearest light pole (after a fair trial before a jury of their peers of course!) and install democracy in America, instead... watch American Idol.

Of course.

The Democrats may talk about representing the people. But bullshit is bullshit. The Long Green tells the truth. The Long Green shows the lies. The Long Green is our ruler, and apparently the majority of Americans have no problem with that.

-- Badtux the Dollar Penguin

No more F.U.'s

Thomas L. Friedman of "Friedman Unit" fame isn't talking in F.U.'s anymore. He's talking in alarm. Says Tommy boy in his latest screed:

Here's the sad truth: 9/11, and the failing Iraq war, have sucked up almost all the oxygen in this country -- oxygen needed to discuss seriously education, health care, climate change, and competitiveness. So right now, it's mo stly governors talking about these issues, but there is so much they can do without washington being focused and leading.

Which is why we've got to bring our occupation of Iraq to an end in the quickest, least bad way possible -- otherwise we are going to lose Iraq and America. It's coming down to that choice.

What? No Friedman Unit? Hmm. Even F.U. Tommy is now waking up to the unmitigated disaster that the Bushevik crusade for oil in the Middle East has become for America... and it ain't just because our soldiers are dying over there that it's a disaster.

-- Badtux the Observant Penguin

Monday, May 28, 2007

A side discourse on camping and trail food

Minstrel Boy claimed that MRE's taste "like sawdust". MRE's are actually quite tasty, I ate several of them this trip and they were pretty yummy. He likely was thinking of freeze-dried food, which is pretty awful. But MRE's are quite heavy as well, so my trail food does not include them.

Unfortunately I make the decision to leave town with about five hours' notice, so I was not going to cook hardtack or carry hard salt bacon or do anything like that prior to leaving. I was hard pressed enough getting all my camping gear out of the plastic bins that I'd hauled back from storage the previous evening (I'd hauled it to storage when I thought I was going to move, as one less thing to move on moving day). So I tossed some MRE's into the big black bear canister for car camping, and tossed some freeze-dried and some tuna (pouch) and ramen noodles into the small bear canister for backpacking, and headed out. Luckily I like tuna and noodles. And while freeze dried is nasty, there's a few freeze-dried that taste okay either with MRE crackers (sorta hard-tackish) or with enough Tabasco. Still, if I were planning a long trip, this is not what I'd do for food.

But, alas, that is what happens when you are a penguin pining for snow and suddenly realize that there is still snow in the Sierras...

Hmm. Between the MRE's and what little freeze-dried I have left and the stuff in my pantry, I have enough food for several weeks. And the white gas, propane, and isobutane to cook it. Not bad for disaster preparedness, even if it's accidental...

-- Badtux the Camping Penguin

My secret place

Penguins can be antisocial. I'd had enough of people for a while. I spent the weekend out of town, in a secret place. This is not the secret place:

That narrow trail going up behind my campsite is what I drove in on in my Jeep. Yes, my Jeep has some new pinstriping. The trail is on the OHV map as an "official" Jeep trail but not on the regular Forest Service map as a road. Even though I have the stock Goodyear GSA ("Get Stuck Anywhere") tires on my Jeep still, I had no problems with traction. Four-wheel drive with an automatic locker in the front (an "Aussie Locker", worked great) and a limited-slip in the back tends to keep all four wheels pulling the Jeep along, which works a lot better than the one-wheel-drive in my old pickup truck.

Here is my Jeep: This is just uphill a bit from this: From there I went to my "secret place", which actually is not too secret -- trout fishermen know all about it. But none were there.

The next day I went up a marked and on-the-map Forest Service road to a marked and on the map trailhead. The road was aweful. There were erosion gullies in parts of it that could have swallowed one side of my Jeep, or any Jeep for that matter even the Jeeps with the big knobby tires. Only the fact that my Jeep is so narrow allowed me to get up it, I doubt a full sized truck could have done so. I reassured myself that this road looked well travelled and was a major route on the Forest Service map so it surely had to be open all the way to the trailhead at the end. Then I got near the end: The tire track you see on the left is from my Jeep, because I backed up a little to get the Jeep's fender into the shot of the snowbank. I can't straddle this snow bank in my narrow Jeep, nor bypass it on the left or right. And there are no tire tracks up here besides mine anyhow.

Yes, I was the first person this season to make it this far up. I guess nobody else bothered because usually this is all under several feet of snow this time of year. But this has been a very dry and warm year. It was around 60F outside, so this snow is going to melt. But I walked out to a meadow nearby and there was still snow lurking under the trees around the meadow too.

All in all a very beautiful and peaceful place. Peace, alas, was not to be found here. As my other posting this day should make clear.

-- Badtux the Unpeaceful Penguin

Memorial Day

Today is a day when we honor those who died for our country.

But on this day, let us also remember those who died for Vice President Halliburton's stock option strike price.

Nicholas Walsh, 26; David Paul Lindsey, 20; William Lee Bailey III, 29; Gregory N. Millard, 22; Michael J. Jaurigue, 20; Clayton G. Dunn II, 22; Alexander Rosa Jr., 22; Mathew P. LaForest, 21; Casey P. Zylman, 22; Iosiwo Uruo, 27; Russell K. Shoemaker, 31; Robert E. Dunham, 36; Robert H. Dembowski, 20; Benjamin J. Ashley, 22; Jonathan D. Winterbottom, 21; Victor H. Toledo Pulido, 22; Daniel P. Cagle, 22; Joseph J. Anzack Jr., 20; Julian M. Woodall, 21; Benjamin D. Desilets, 21; Robert A. Worthington, 19; Oscar Sauceda Jr., 21; Robert J. Montgomery Jr., 29; David C. Kuehl, 27; Kristopher A. Higdon, 25; Steve Butcher Jr., 27; Shannon V. Weaver, 28; Michael W. Davis, 22; Brian D. Ardron, 32; Justin D. Wisniewski, 22; Alexander R. Varela, 19; Jason A. Schumann, 23; Christopher Moore, 28; Jean P. Medlin, 27; Travis F. Haslip, 20; Joseph A. Gilmore, 26; Ryan D. Collins, 20; David W. Behrle, 20; Joshua G. Romero, 19; Casey W. Nash, 22; Marquis J. McCants, 23; III, Anselmo Martinez; Scott J. 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How many more? How many more young men and women must die for Vice President Halliburton's wallet? It seems the end is nowhere in sight. I don't know if even a President Obama or President Hillary will end this war for ... what? Oil? The honor of thieves? What? The only thing for sure is that these young men and women are not dying for our country, no matter how much the right-wing tries to say they are. These young men and women are not dying for anything that has anything to do with the safety of our nation. Rather, they are dying for the profit and whim of vile and evil old men who use their blood for profit and dishonor our entire nation, a collection of Caligulas who laugh at the blood of the soldiers they send to slaughter, lacking only the violin to fiddle away with while Iraq burns and soldiers suffer.

-- Badtux the Tired Penguin

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Mighty Fang chows down

Here is the Mighty Fang engaging in his favorite habit. Yes, those are little mostly-crunched nuggets of kitty kibble surrounding his food bowl, TMF is a messy eater requiring me to sweep up the kitchen every day. Note also the creative use of the wine rack by a non-wine-drinking penguin (heh!), and the fact that each of those squares is 1 foot square, meaning that TMF is about 2 feet long from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail (3 feet long if you include the tail). That's why he dwarfs his food bowl so badly. Funny, he doesn't look that big if you're just looking at him...

BTW, the reason I was at Safeway last night and fell prey to the double-chocolate muffins was because TMF had snarfed down the last of the kitty kibble. When that happens I do not play around, I go out and get more kitty kibble. This penguin values his life!

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bless me Father for I have sinned

I was walking down the bread aisle at the local Safeway and there were these huge DOUBLE-CHOCOLATE muffins. CHOCOLATE. Muffins. I bought them. I gave into temptation and bought them. Then a few feet down the aisle was this yummy looking jalapeno cheese focaccia bread. I bought that too.

I sinned. I gave in to temptation. That means I'm going to Hell, right?

What do you mean, it only means I'm going to get fat? But... but... what? Give you ten pushups and get the fuck out of your confession booth and go get some exercise? Err... what kind of priest are you, to tell me that I gotta do something practical instead of just pray to Jesus or Mary or Saint Yummylicious? I don't want to exercise! I just wanna pray to Saint Yummylicious for forgiveness!

Waddya mean, Saint Yummylicious don't give a shit about my double-chocolate muffins and if I don't want to keel over from a heart attack I gotta quit eating this shit and go get some exercise? What, did the Rude Pundit sneak into the confessional?

Wadya mean, quit looking to other people to solve my problems? But... but... you're supposed to be the voice of God! What? You mean God wants me to solve my own damned problems instead of expecting Him to wave his magic wand and make me un-fat and shit? Well fuck you, priest. I'm going to go to one of those religions that tell me that all I godda do is bend the knee and pray to Jesus and give all my money to some guy with greased-back hair and fat jowls and I'll be Saved and go to Jesus and don't need to solve my own problems because Jesus will solve them all for me. Screw you and your stupid message that God wants us to take care of our own shit. I'm gonna become an evangelical Christian, bend the knee, accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and have all my sins washed away in the Blood of the Lamb, and then Jesus will take all my problems away, Glory Hallaleujah, AMEN!

What's that you said? "Good riddance"? Well screw you too...

-- Badtux the Religion Penguin

The American diet

One blogger, who shall remain nameless, put up a label of a can of soup with the sodium number circled and said "See? That's what's wrong with the American diet! Look at all this sodium, it causes heart disease and hypertension! Our forefathers who ate natural foods didn't eat like this."

Uhm, no, young lady, what, exactly, do you think was used to preserve meats in the time before refrigeration? I'll give you a hint. It was salted and smoked to the tee.

For those of you fortunate enough to never have lived the subsistence life, I'll give you guys a little primer. Yeah, growing most of your own food is great and all. But healthy? Not really. My mother grew up in a four-square tar-paper shack in the hills of North Louisiana where they did not have electricity until 1957 or telephones until 1959. I will describe how they ate to you. I have read letters sent back home to their families by Union troops who marched through the same general area back in 1864, and it was pretty much the same.

First of all, no steak. The only cow they had was a milk cow. The fresh milk came into the house and was drank immediately before it curdled. Any that remained was allowed to sit and the milk fat skimmed off the top and put into a churn for making butter. The butter was heavily salted to help keep it from going rancid. The heavily salted butter was then put into a container and dropped in the well (at the end of a rope of course!) to keep it somewhat cool. No electricity, remember? Remember, *salt*. Lots of salt.

Breakfast was generally fried eggs (fried in saturated bacon drippings) and hominy (corn) grits with some fried cornbread or biscuits. Sometimes they had bacon. That's because they grew corn and had chickens. and while they preferred the biscuits, the biscuits required a lot of store-bought flour as well as a lot of fuel to bake so often it was a case of forming up corn mush balls with flour (and SALT) and frying them in the hot bacon fat instead. Bacon fat because hogs don't require as much land as cows, just corn, and they grew corn remember? They also sometimes had sausage. But by the time I came along store-bought flour was a sufficiently cheap commodity that the fried cornbread was only used on mornings where there was no time to bake, such as Sunday mornings, where you had to get ready for Bible school. The biscuits were heavily buttered with that heavily-salted butter. Yum, saturated fat and salt.

Lunch was the big meal here. That's because it was way, way too hot to do any real cooking in the afternoons here in the American South. Lunch varied according to the season. In the winter, dried or pickled or preserved vegetables were used. So here's a winter lunch:

(Dried) purple-hull peas (sort of like black-eye peas, but grew better in the Southern soil and climate), cooked with a hunk of dry salt pork or pickled (in salt brine) hog jowl or pig foot for flavoring and fats and salt. A big pone of cornbread. Some canned (in jars, from their own garden) okra-and-tomato pickles or canned "chow-chow" (a somewhat spicy cabbage and onion pickle). Some boiled potatoes (boiled almost to a mush) maybe with some turnips. Occasionally for a treat there would be a pecan pie, or a peach cobbler. Made with that real butter of course. And pecan pralines. Which are almost 100% sugar and butter with a little milk. Yum, saturated fat and salt!

Spring lunches got fresh turnip and mustard greens boiled to a mush in place of the pickled vegetables. Radishes added a nice little bite. In late spring, cabbage came along. Turnips were raised mostly for their leaves, because the long turnip roots don't work right in the heavy clay soil. Same deal with carrots. Potatoes only barely work, and only in certain places where you can turn a lot of leaves into the soil, and they often come out looking rather weird if allowed to grow to full size around all the rocks in the soil so "early" potatoes are the most common, but "early" means "mid-summer" here. In early summer tomatoes started ripening. The green tomatoes were battered with a salty batter and fried in bacon grease. Yum, salty fried green tomatoes! Fresh salad wasn't eaten. No lettuce. It doesn't grow well in the Southern climate, which is too humid and too much sun. No fresh greens salads. Turnip and mustard greens both have pungent tastes which they found distasteful and needed to be boiled to death before they were deemed edible.

In summer, it got too hot for the fresh leaf greens, they all bolted and died under the fierce Southern sun. The collards were still too young to get a lot of greens off of, but there was poke salad and dandelion and other natural greens that could be scavenged. The collards were boiled to death with a hunk of salt pork. Cabbage was harvested in early summer, and it too was boiled to death with a hunk of salt pork just for general principle, and pickled along with onion for the upcoming summer. By mid summer the over-ripe tomatoes were cooked down with the early okra and made into okra and tomato pickles, and fried okra (fried in bacon fat, very salty) hit the menu. If it wasn't fried or boiled to death, it wasn't food. Cucumbers came around and were the sole exception to this, they were merely pickled in vinegar brine or salted and served fresh.

Fish hit the menu from time to time, mostly in the fall after the harvest was in because spring and summer were too busy turning dirt. It was battered and pan-fried in salty bacon fat, of course, to make it healthily fat-filled and salt-filled. Also in fall and early winter was hunting season, and thus game. Deer, rabbit, dove/quail and squirrel were the most common targets. Small game went into soups and stews, deer got turned into a salty/spiced/smoked sausage mostly and served along with meals because it was too much meat to eat all in one setting and that was the only way to preserve it for a while. This was pretty much the only time salt pork wasn't a major component of the diet. Also a fall harvest of turnip and mustard greens was accompanied by melons and revitalized tomatoes (which quit making in the depths of the summer heat, but if the plants are watered and allowed to survive until fall will make lots more tomatoes before the first freeze kills them off). The collards are now waist-high. The peaches and pears and plums are bearing and preserves are being made left and right. Peach cobbler is a yummy delight. Made with lots of lard and butter and sugar, of course.

Anyhow: fat and salt were enormous parts of this diet, which was pretty much constant from the 1860's to the 1950's. The other major component was corn -- corn grits, corn bread, fried corn patties, hush puppies, corn, corn, corn. Beyond that, it was whatever was in season, or whatever could be dried or preserved, salt being an important part of preserving things (salt and vinegar brine helped keep pickled vegetables from spoiling even before pressure cookers). Other than in the spring (blackberries) and fall (tree fruits), fresh fruit wasn't on the menu. Fresh green salads were not on the menu either, due to the fact that salad greens without a pungent taste don't grow well in the hot climate and thick clay soil (carrots? Nope. Lettuce? Nope). Collards need to be immediately dropped into *boiling* water else they are bitter. Same treatment also helps the taste of mustard and turnip greens, the other two main greens grown in the garden, and makes cabbage taste a little less bitter too. Other than spring and fall, fresh vegetables generally were not on the menu either. It was pretty much beans and cornbread, peas and corn patties, corn grits and corn hush puppies, all with healthy dollops of bacon grease and butter fat. They didn't starve -- it was hard to starve as a small subsistence farmer in the rich soil and rainy climate of Louisiana -- but the climate imposed its own limitations on what would grow (e.g. leafy veggies simply won't grow in the heat of the summer, and tomatoes won't fruit), meaning the diet got pretty darned monotonous other than in the spring and, especially, the fall.

As for the notion that they ate less salt than we eat today... hah! *everything* was heavily salted, either as a preservative, or else because the preserved foods had adjusted everybody's palate to think that if it wasn't salty it wasn't any good.

In short: We have a poor diet today because we choose to have a poor diet today. We have far more choices for a healthy diet than my grandmother and mother did while growing up... but we choose not to exercise those choices. The "good old days" were not so good, when you know the real story.

-- Badtux the Elderly Penguin