Monday, December 07, 2009

Chimpy's House of Horror

Looks like some guards at Gitmo tortured some prisoners to death then engaged in a coverup with the complicity of the chain of command. At least, that's all I can conclude reading between the lines of all these reports...

-- Badtux the Unsurprised Penguin


  1. We broke International Laws, When are we finally going to do something about that I wonder?
    "Rule of Law" my ass
    a disgusted w3ski

  2. So why bother to read things that you can't do anything about?

    w3ski... There really isn't any laws and rules in war, sure, they make them up, as if they are football games.

    But war isn't football, no way in hell I would fight a war under any rules and laws, I'd just clear the area.

    Removing a weed doesn't do any good if you don't take out the roots also. If you get my drift.

  3. Shorter BBC:

    Nuke the Republicans.

    JzB the root-destroying tromboninst


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