Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Morning Sad Angry Music

Lisa Germano is not everybody's cup of tea. Her stuff is so dreary and depressing that I can't listen to one of her albums straight through, I'd feel inclined to slit my wrists at the end of the first 30 minutes of one sad song after another. Apparently everybody else agrees, her albums sold so poorly that they're now out of print. But in small doses she is well worth listening to. And who can ignore a song whose chorus is, "go to hell, fuck you" in a very small voice?

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. It starts out with a nice riff.There is something very powerful about harsh words spoken softly.
    She puts a good song together, but there is a greyness about it all. Listen to this girl on youtune - Julie Feeney from Galway.

  2. A woman was walking out of a concert just as The Blackheart Procession were starting to set up.

    I said, "you are gonna miss the best part."

    She said, "If I listened to an entire Blackheart Procession set, I would go home and slit my wrists."

  3. her albums sold so poorly that they're now out of print.

    Could her whiny, tissue-thin voice and total inability to sing have anything to do with it?

    JzB the whiny, non-singing trombonist

  4. Very good Jazzbumpa - hit that nail on the head in one.


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