Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sarah Failin

I honestly don't care about the demented bitch, but there's an innocent party in all of this who is being harmed by her negligence, stupidity, and ignorance:

I’m sorry but every time I see a picture of Trig on the book tour I cringe. As the mother of a Special Needs child, I know that Trig should be home getting intensive speech, physical and occupational therapy at this point in his young life. He shouldn’t be used as his mother’s prop to boost her favorability with a certain segment of voters who appreciate that she didn’t abort him. Sarah Palin is potentially setting her child’s potential progress back by years. Any parent of a Special Needs child can vouch that early, intensive therapies are key to future development. Every time I see her with him on her hip, instead of with a speech or other therapist, I keep wondering what she’s thinking.
That question, of course, assumes she is thinking at all. Which is a big assumption.

-- Badtux the Thinking Penguin


  1. "That question, of course, assumes she is thinking at all. Which is a big assumption."


  2. Just goes to show, the only person that Palin cares about is herself.
    Just what I don't want in a politician. Got plenty of that type already.

  3. Silly me, but I would have thought that there could not be a better place for a child than with its mother.

  4. Dave -

    Probabilistically speaking, you're right. But probability is meaningless in isolated cases.

    And, clearly, you never met my first wife.

    JzB the mother is as mother does trombonist

  5. So, Mr. Duff, you're saying that a child should not go to school because it should be with its mother instead?

    That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. The place for a child during the school year is at home, where the child can attend classes regularly. This is especially true of a special needs child who needs especially intense instruction during the early years if he is to have any chance of a normal life.

    Ms. Palin should either stay home with her child, or leave her child at home with her househusband, but she should not in any event be interfering with her child's schooling by dragging him all over the country in order to use him as a prop to sell books. That is irresponsible whether your name is Palin or Penguin.

    - Badtux the Former Schoolteacher Penguin
    (Yes, I've taught Special Ed and have 15 credit hours of Special Ed courses under my belt, so I'm not talking out of my ass here, unlike *some* people).

  6. Schooling? The poor little chap's only 18 months old! Keep the so-called experts at arms length for as long as possible would be my advice. 'Mother knows best' and anyway, what's it got to do with you lot? If I poked my nose into your affairs and told you how to raise your children, I can guess the response!

  7. The "poor little chap" also has Down's Syndrome, dude. I've seen the results of early intervention for special ed kids, the kids who get it are much higher functioning than those whose followed the "benign neglect" that your ignorant self recommends. In other words, you are an ignorant asshole pulling bullshit out of your ass because you're too fucking stupid to actually talk -- or listen -- to someone who has actually read the research and seen the results on early intervention for disabled children, and should just shut your mouth about the subject before you provide further proof that you're a fucking moron without a clue.

    As I've pointed out previously, one of the annoying things about today's right wing is their idiotic notion that facts aren't necessary and that expertise isn't necessary, only their "gut feel" and "instinct" is necessary to solve any problem. You guys have taken the worst nonsense from the lefties of the 60's and adopted it for yourselves. It is to laugh, if it wasn't so damned serious, as in, children actually being harmed because of your bullshit rejection of actual, like, facts.

    - Badtux the Rude Penguin

  8. The problem is, 'Mother' doesn't 'know best,' especially if 'Mother' is ignorant and basically uncaring. It sure seems like Sarah Palin is both, in a particularly tooth-grindingly flying-saucer-Christian sort of way, in that she seems to expect that Gawd will just swoop down on her and fix whatever's wrong...somehow.

    I have a physical disability instead of an intellectual one, but I sure benefitted from early intervention -- like to the point where I'm ambulatory, working, and paying taxes, instead of in a wheelchair and collecting a disability pension.

    I had my first interventions right around 18 months. The time is now. Later is not better. With Down's, this is so critical, especially if he's in the subset of Down's kids who don't manage to live independently eventually -- parents don't live forever.


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