Saturday, February 28, 2009

I was very bad staff last night

This morning The Mighty Fang woke me up in much the same manner as above, starting with the meowing, then the kneading, then the patting of my face, but no baseball bat (he has not yet developed thumbs, thankfully!). I was baffled, because I feed my kittehs at night so they have plenty of food. After a while of him pestering me, I finally got up and headed over to the food bowl and...

bone dry empty.

Yep, I'd forgotten to feed my poor kittehs last night!

Today I mostly spent playing with my new Yaesu VX-8R. For a tiny little thing it works surprisingly well. I spent a fair amount of time listening to the Palo Alto repeater while getting APRS set up and working. I did discover that I have better ears than I have mouth, only about one in four of my APRS packets managed to make it through. Oh well!

- Badtux the Nerdy Penguin

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