Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I just learned from the wingnuttosphere that old-time progressives just lurved them some fascism. Why, I didn't know that, but in their history books apparently the progressive President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a peace treaty with Nazi Germany and embargoed all arms shipments to Britain, rather than re-arming Britain after Dunkirk destroyed all their war-fighting equipment (ignore the left-wing commie web site at that link, they obviously are biased for left-wingers -- I mean, everybody knows the NRA is a buncha lefty pinkos, right?!). And fascist General Francisco Franco in Spain was apparently beloved by America's leftists, rather than America's leftists forming some "Abraham Lincoln Brigade" to go fight him.

Yessiree, I just learn SOOOOO much history from wingnuts! FDR loved fascists, as did the American left. Go figure!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. I'm waiting for the wingnuts to say FDR was a gay communist that caused the depression while trying to abort babies in his spare time (or whatever). Should be any day now, not that they have, or seemingly need any proof for such a statement.

  2. I suppose that the wingnuts feel that they've made sufficient inroads into science so now they can focus on post-War of Northern Aggression history. They're a busy bunch.

  3. See, and I was taught it was the Bush family bank that was providing support to the Nazis.

    Well, I'm glad we straightened that out.

    Why Now?


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