Sunday, February 01, 2009


Drank a big mug of fresh-brewed coffee brewed from fresh-ground French-roast beans. Ooooooh. The pleasure was almost sexual in nature.

Consider my addiction well-resumed.

-- Badtux the Addict Penguin


  1. Hum, I just buy cheap coffee and send checks to help poor women. But I guess that is just me.


  2. What a coincidence, Badtux... I was sipping a cup of French roast made from whole beans just as I opened your blog... two of life's little pleasures at once! (BTW, your comments date seems to be a month behind.)

    @BBC... you could do both, you know... drink good coffee and be charitable. I do both regularly, giving to four different org's. But in response to your attempt to guilt-trip us into charitable behavior, I shall add your favorite foundation to my personal do-not-give list. A polite plea works better than an attempted shaming; some of us don't respond very well to the latter.

  3. Methinks BBC would be less cranky if he drank good coffee rather than that bitter crap from the supermarket.

    And I have no control over I think they put me in the Uranus timezone or something. (Heh, he said "Uranus"!).

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  4. Tux, you're still drinking "brewed" coffee, aren't ya? If so, you're only up to the morphine stage of addiction. Just hope that you don't get into the espresso stage -- that's heroin, mate.

    I was happy with brewed for years. Got off my college habit of tea when I moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and was surrounded by Finlanders who'd glorp down 10 cups of coffee a day to deal with the cold. I got into flavoured coffees when I lived in Florida, but I was still able to stomach nursing home java that had been sitting on the warmer for so many hours that it required the addition of water to make it pourable.

    When I met Mrs. Bukko, she introduced me to Italian espresso machines with milk steamers. Talk about amping it up a notch! And the taste is so much "coffee-er" if you do it right. As with most manias, we've gotten into expensive making-machinery, paraphernalia like milk-frothing jugs and tiny stirrer spoons, cross-testing various brands of beans at various finenesses of grind... It's like coke-heads do with their addiction rituals.

    Little by little, we're shifting to using less milk with each cup. Haven't gotten to the point of always drinking straight espresso (a "short black" in Aussie parlance -- they have their own vocabulary of coffee terms down here) except as an after-dinner thing. If we hit that level, the only thing more extreme will be to hook up an IV cannula to mainline the stuff straight to the vein.

    As for BBC, at least charitable donations make him seem more human. But even doing that, he makes it nasty. Keeping in character...

    And the dates on the comments -- you realise they're being recorded the way that Australia, and Europe, and most of the rest of the world does, right? With the day in front of the month? You know, the logical way instead of the American way? Like the metric system?

  5. Bukko, I've done the expresso deal, my last employer had an expresso machine. What I found was that I really don't like expresso. My brewed dark roast coffee has a nicely strong taste, but expresso is just too much. I drink my coffee straight, not with milk, and you just can't do expresso that way.

    So I'm sticking with my brewed coffee. It works fine for me.

    - Badtux the Coffee Penguin


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