Monday, February 02, 2009

Haloscan is fried

Looks like since they got bought out by JsKit, nobody cares whether it works or not. So if you're using Haloscan right now, I suggest that you find another comments system, because Haloscan is broke. Personally I'm using Blogger's comments system, which Just Works and which has a huge corporation behind it that isn't going out of business anytime soon. (Unless you think Google, which has over 50% of online advertising, is going out of business anytime soon!).

-- Badtux the Blogging Penguin


  1. Crap. There goes two years worth of comments. Arrrrrgh.

  2. Hi BadTux and Nunya - Haloscan is not fried!

    JS-Kit cares very much about what happens to the service and is working hard to upgrade it to the JS-Kit system.

    Once the upgrade is complete, you will have more features, better stability and faster support. And you won't lose any of your comments!

    If you are experiencing problems with Haloscan or JS-Kit please don't hesitate to email and they will get back to you ASAP.


    Chris - JS-Kit/Haloscan Team

  3. Well, I'm not a Haloscan or JS-Kit customer. Never have been, when I started my blog, Blogger had already introduced their own comments system and it made no sense to me to use a third-party system. All I know is that yesterday I clicked on comments linkies at my favorite blogs and an empty page showed up. I tried entering my comment and nothing happened. And then my email inbox is getting flooded with blizzards of duplicate 'New comment reply posted' messages, all with the same date. I've had trouble with Haloscan recently doing things like, for example, deciding that I couldn't post because I needed to wait -57 seconds to post (yes, that's NEGATIVE 57 seconds, as in, I'd have to time-travel in the past to post!). Maybe folks ought to update to the "real" JS-Kit or something, but the classic Haloscan service certainly has had its share of broken-ness lately.

  4. Well, Chris, I am a HaloScan customer, a paying premium subscriber no less, and from what I have experienced on other JS-Kit sites, I can tell you this: if (when) JS-Kit pulls the plug on HaloScan, or forcibly converts me to JS-Kit, I'm gone. I mean, outta there.

    A change from the existing HaloScan to JS-Kit cannot legitimately be called an "upgrade." Your staffer made an honest effort to solve my JS-Kit problems on a friend's blog, but hadn't a clue how the problems arose, and certainly couldn't fix them.

    Here's a clue for free, from a guy who has written quite a bit of fairly complex JavaScript (e.g., involving AJAX) for a living: if something goes wrong in the form-post of one comment in JS-Kit, some bit of code continues executing "forever" as indicated by the browser's busy-wait indicator; Dog help the user who clicks some button, or begins another comment, at that point.

    You're welcome.


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