Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Poor Customer Service Representatives!"

At one site I was browsing about the scumbags (Chase Bank) below, someone said, "Poor customer service representatives! It must be horrible to have people yelling at you about something you have no control over. I feel sorry for them."

Yeah right. They choose to work for an unethical and immoral company. That is a choice they make. I don't feel sorry for them. There is more honor in walking the streets homeless but honest than in lying for a living. I have thank god never ended up homeless because of me valuing honesty over lying, but it's been close at times, like one summer where I worked census and delivered pizza all for minimum wage, barely enough for gas and food, before I remembered someone who'd called me a few months back about a job, called him, and got an honest job that didn't pay a lot but at least paid for gas for my rusty $850 Chevette with enough left over for food, auto insurance, and electricity and water for my rundown old $2800 mobile home.

So I don't feel sorry for the "poor CSRs" who choose to work for an unethical and immoral company. They choose to enable evil. So be it. I'm not going to yell at them or anything because that's not useful, but I'm not going to pretend that they're these virtuous people that I should feel sorry for either, because they're not. They chose to work for evil. So be it.

-- Badtux the Vicious Penguin


  1. Did you ever see the movie "Clerks?" They sort of touch on the subject of working for an evil company (or empire).
    But in the current economic climate, it is surprising for anyone to feel bad for someone who still has a job.

  2. What I do when I get a telemarketing call (they do 'em here too) is say "My wife deals with that. Let me get her." Then leave the phone sitting on the counter. I've had them hold on for five minutes sometimes, to the point where I get back on and say "Haven't you realised yet that no one is going to answer you?" It seems nicer than just yelling and hanging up, as Mrs. Bukko does. It IS a human on the other end, even if they're working for an annoying/evil corporation. Bad karma to be rude. At least if I leave them hanging, they're getting a break from being yelled at, and every minute they're waiting fruitlessly for me is a minute they're not bothering someone else. A little bit of sand in the gears of the telemarketing machine...

  3. Bukko_in_Australia, I like your style. :)

    One strategy I have found successful with telemarketers is telling them that they have reached me at a inconvenient time, but I'd be happy to call if they'd just hold on a sec on account I don't have a pen growing out of the end of my hand and every since I was kicked in the head by that horse, I don't member so good. (Said in my best hillbilly voice)

    Then I go off and start a load of laundry or empty the dish washer, give my nails a good file or simply loll around a bit.

    When the spirit moves me I will go back and pick up the phone.

    Then offering apologies for taking so long because "I just haven't' got maneuvering this new fangled wheelchair around down yet." (And yes, yes, I am totally aware of all all the bad karma I'm collecting with this maneuver---I don't care.)

    That's when I ask for their home phone number and let them know I'd be happy to call them back, oh say around dinner time the next evening, and that
    I've been so lonely since my husssband ran off with that voodoo woman named Phyllis and I how very much I am looking forward to our little visit.

    Lemme tell ya, the silence on the their end of the call is pure joy. Their stumbling around trying to find an answer to that one on their scripts just makes my day. Sad but true.

    Talk about " Mission Accomplished." They can't hang up fast enough.

  4. I was with BankOne for years, but left when they were bought by Chase. They were horrible!

    I'm with Bank of America now and they seem decent, if you need a new bank.

  5. BofA is evil too, just a lesser evil. I bank with a local credit union, which a) gives me better returns on my money, b) is locally managed so if I need to talk to the person who made any particular decision I can do so, decisions aren't made by anonymous drones in a corporate office thousands of miles away from me, and c) is not Evil. F**k the banks.

    - Badtux the CU Penguin

  6. Are you sure that you are not confusing CSRs with the sales reps? Now, those guys are evil.

    The CSR is a drone. They come in every day read their scripts and take shit for a shitty wage. They don't get paid enough to give a damn if the company they work for is evil.

  7. otoh, if so many employers didn't offshore so many jobs to china, people who have kids to feed might choose to be software engineers instead.


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