Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Democratic stupidity

Only Democrats could pull failure out of an overwhelming majority in both houses of Congress and the Presidency.

My suggestion to Senator Harry Reid: If the motherfuckers want to filibuster the economic recovery bill, make'em do so. Make some son of a bitch have to wear pampers and an IV for days and days standing up there babbling. If it was good enough for Senator Lyndon B. Johnston when he was Senate Majority Leader making dimwit Dixiecrats like Strom Thurmond stand up there for days at a time filibustering civil rights legislation, it's good enough for you. Unless you don't got the guts to make the Rethugs look like obstructionists who hate America. In which case, step down and let someone who has more spine than a fucking jellyfish take the reins. Geezus fucking christ, man, get some goddamned *BALLS*.

-- Badtux the Righteously Ranting Penguin


  1. I quite agree it's annoying how nowadays there seems to be a gentlemanly agreement between the parties that they can "filibuster" legislation by merely announcing an intention to.

    If you want to block legislation, you should think that blocking it is so self-evidently right that you have no problem with people seeing you do so, and with holding up government business to do so.

  2. There's gotta be a reason he doesn't have any balls. My paranoid self says because it's all a rigged game, an example of inverted totalitarianism," but I'd like to think I'm just insanely paranoid. If it's true, then there's no hope and I might as well jump in front of a train right now.

  3. Sorry to nit-pick.......but it was JOHN-SON not JOHN-STON. You're right about Harry Reid Though. I don't think the Party Of Hoover could stand the public social scrutiny of a filibuster for more than a couple of days.....MAKE 'EM DO IT !


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