Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday fat cat blogging

It was time to take my photos of the kittehs for their Friday fat cat blogging duty. But there wasn't a kitteh in sight! Finally I found Mencken lurking under the futon: But The Mighty Fang was nowhere to be found! I searched every room. Nothing. Nada. No kitteh. So finally I walked out my front door and looked outside. Hmm. It's raining. I don't think he's out there. I walked back in. The front door closed. The Mighty Fang walked out of my bedroom. WTF?! He wasn't in there a minute ago!

So I got the camera ready, and he decided to try to hide. He's also learned the trick of Bryan's cat, Dot, of always closing his eyes before the flash goes off, sigh...

And that is today's fat cat hunting expedition. It was a chore, but I finally bagged two of the fat suckers! Now, if only there was an open season on those fat cat Wall Street bankers... except with artillery a little heavier than a camera... heh. I could get down wit dat :-).

-- Badtux the Fat-cat-hunting Penguin


  1. Those puddy-tats are not fat. They are fluffy.

  2. Once lost a cat for 2 days in the kids toy closet . Kept calling and looking for the cat , even looked in that closet a couple times . She must have been curled up and sleeping in with the stuffed critters .
    a confused w3ski

  3. Mule, I pick up those cats on a regular basis. At 16 and 18 pounds, they are fat. *And* fluffy.

    w3ski, the only thing I can think of is that TMF must have been lurking under the bed in one of those corners that's hard to see because of the nightstands and because, well, he's black and blends with the shadows. Thing is, he's so fat that he doesn't really fit under the bed. Huh.

    -Badtux the Similarly-confused Penguin


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