Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy national wingnut freakout day!

Today is the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, who won the War of Northern Aggression against the Treasonous Rebels who fired upon their lawful government, and of Charles Darwin, who the Catholic Church has no opinion about (the Church: "That's a matter of science, not of faith, and thus not an issue we're interested in") but the other tighty righties are absolutely convinced that Darwin was Satan incarnate.

The tighty righties insist that anybody who acknowledges evolution is an atheist. Uhm, no. Until I converted to Tuxology I was a Catholic, and I was taught evolution in the Catholic schools. See above opinion of the Catholic Church about evolution.

-- Badtux the Religious Penguin


  1. Always thought theistic evolution was a good idea, though am agnostic myself. And isn't everyday a freakout day for the wingnuts?

  2. I never met anyone who didn't "believe in" evolution until about a decade ago. Does that mean we're devolving now?

    And yes, I'd have to agree that every day is freakout day for wingnuts, but this one has to be a little special for them.s


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