Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama regime aids and abets Bush-era coverup

Obama Department of Justice continues use of "State Secrets" privilege to prevent justice from happening. This despite the fact that Obama explicitly promised to end the Bush administration's abuse of "state secrets" to justify dismissing lawsuits.

Which just goes to prove that the Obama regime isn't any less evil than the Bush regime -- just smarter. They're not going to give up this power to hide evil shit that they do because they intend to use it too.

Gotta go, there's a couple of dudes in suits knocking at the door. (Just kidding, our rulers are smarter than that, they understand that idiots like us ranting on the Internets are no threat to their power and that the ranting serves a valuable social purpose by giving us an outlet for our anger against our rulers other than marching on Washington D.C. and slitting throats).

-- Badtux the Governed Penguin

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  1. Badly governed. Tres Tres!

    I'm just glad you said it. I've been holding off for the love of Michelle and the gulls, I guess, from speaking my piece on how badly served we are by the new bosses. For some reason I just can't bring myself to document this continuing stoopidity.

    And what a bunch of ignoramuses they are turning out to be. I've been contemplating writing a piece on Geithner - the only person Obama knows who's qualified (obviously Obama isn't) for the biggest job in the world - which is to figure out how not to give any more taxpayer money to outright scoundrels, accounting for where the last gazillions went and why, and, oh yes, restarting the economy to try to rebuild a productive populace that doesn't have to live in mud huts (or double-wides if they are very lucky). (How about some real new thinking - like strengthening unions and stopping the exporting of jobs through closing the loopholes that give a tax break for it?)

    And we're expecting this from the guy who presided over the disengagement and rampant dissembling of the NY Fed from this same phenomena? (Do you remember how many of these bailed-out shells are in NYC?) Not to mention who was trained and mentored by the brillo Larry Summers and bipartisan swami Bob Rubin who mentored the drunken party thrown by Phil Gramm (notice the UBS story yesterday? Now there's an econ whizeroo!) and Lindsay Graham (no comment) as they tore up and stomped on the previously sacred regulations that had stopped others from needing to print funny money.

    Now I remember why I just can't bring myself to write it.

    I'm thinking I might dedicate my blog now to outing everyone involved in this continuing fiasco (what, the last 15 years?) because we may not have that much time left to actually try to right the history (before the deluge).

    Thanks for all you do for us. You give me hope that at least there are a few of us who see the economic buggery clearly.


    (I'm responding to both of your last posts here.)


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