Thursday, February 26, 2009


No real point to this post. Ran across the above pic when searching for a picture of zombies to use for my zombie bank posting, and liked it for some reason. I'm a male penguin. Go figure.

-- Badtux the Easily Entertained Penguin


  1. Zombies are surprisingly popular on teh Internets tubez. Have you ever seen how many zombie blogs and related sites there are? Of course you have, because you're a Net-surfin' penguin.

  2. I like the zombie "flash mobs", myself. Interesting to see how people react to zombies suddenly appearing en masse and shambling around. Some folks do a double take then move on, some folks ignore them, some folks screech and then laugh, others just laugh. The YouTube videos are sometimes hilarious. The zombie apocalypse will be just *so* interesting, what with so many people having such utterly silly reactions to zombies appearing in their midst...

    - Badtux the Easily-amused Penguin

  3. one a female zombie she say to me
    she gonna have me for her sweet
    in the one hand she hold a bottle rum
    with the other she bangin a conga drum
    and the lead singer say that i can't go free
    until i kiss that dead zombie
    i say "oh no my turtle dove this
    old bag of bones i cannot love."

    and they were sayin'
    back to back
    belly to belly
    but i don't give a damn
    cause i'm stone dead already
    back to back
    belly to belly
    at the zombie jamboree

  4. Oh yeah, MB, Oingo Boingo is great, and that album is one that was worthy enough to survive the cull and get brought down here. But "Zombie Dance" by the Cramps is more my style of music.


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