Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quit pickin' on Piyush!

Over at Why Now, Bryan says quit being mean to Piyush "Bobby" Jindal.

Which reminds me of this video:

Poor Piyush is doing the best he can, bless his heart. I mean, he has to work at dumbing himself down, that’s the only way he can ever get elected in Loserana, and so he didn’t do that good a job of dumbing himself down (making it obvious), so what? He’s trying, at least! Just like those ridiculous shots of him preening with a shotgun with a brace of dead ducks at his feet, okay, so duck hunting is about as natural for Piyush as saying 'yall' and eating turnip greens and cornbread (i.e., not very), but at least he tries! People need to just quit being mean to Piyush, he’s doing the best he can and can they do better? I mean, you try bein' a Republican today, bless their tiny black shriveled hearts. It can't be easy bein' that evil and that stupid combined!

So yeah, Piyush is Ivy League educated and a Rhodes scholar and about as redneck as a Volvo station wagon. But for some reason Louisianians have adopted him as an “honorary redneck” anyhow. Oh, they know he’s not *really* a redneck. But he tries, bless his heart. And they appreciate it, they do, bless their hearts.

- Badtux the Tongue-in-beak Penguin


  1. I 'spose you're right, we should give the twit a break......

    .....there, that's was long enough.

    ...and he's still a twit.

  2. Looks like he is just like Sarah but male and Indian.

    If he does run for president, can we start a movement to demand to see his birth certificate and have unnamed experts debunk it?

  3. Piyush is a lot better educated than Sarah Barracuda. Which is his problem on the national stage, Louisianians have had years to get used to him and adopt him as an honorary redneck, it's unclear whether he can pull off that trick for the rest of the nation over the next three years of not^H^H^H running for President.

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  4. OMG, I actually watched the video. I had to see just how bad it was and I must say you have outdone yourself with that little gem.

    As for Piyush, he's a twit.

    And Britney Spears needs to just go away.


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