Friday, February 06, 2009

"Government has never created anything"

A slideshow of things government has created. Schools, roads, bridges, ...

-- Badtux the Apparently-Socialist Penguin

Note: If you live in the real world and admit reality -- that government is a way for We The People to come together and perform tasks that private enterprise for some reason has failed to do -- then you're a socialist. The only way to not be a socialist is to live in a bubble reality where government never creates anything, rather than in the real world.


  1. The best way to avoid the need to be a socialist is to be born into a family where you are sure to inherit a supra-gazillion dollars

  2. The problem with labels such as socialist and conservative, is that they force a compartmentalized view that is oversimplified. This conservative believes that the government does have a proper role in doing things that are impractical or impossible for the private sector. The difference for me, is that socialists look to government first, whereas conservatives typically look to it last.

    Then there is the issue of federalizing everything. We do have state governments that, according to the constitution, are supposed to be the main force of government in most people's lives. So the second tenet of conservatism is, projects should be done by the lowest level of government possible. Municipalities should build bridges within a city, states should build roads within the state. Only the interstate highway system should spill out into Federal hands.

    In all cases, government control of the economy should not become a club with which to beat your political opponents into submission. Such was the WPA. It is a well documented fact that swing states received much more New Deal funding than safe states. WPA expenditures increased right before the 1934 and 36 elections. Then layoffs would occur a month or so afterward. Congressmen were bullied into voting with Roosevelt or else risk losing New Deal money for their State. 1934 was the year that America began prostituting its vote.


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