Monday, February 09, 2009

Morons without a clue

Executives think $500K/year isn't enough money to live on.

I just read that and shook my head. These people just don't have a clue as to how real people live. They've been living in their high-and-mighty castle in the sky, and the notion that one might manage to make it without a nanny and a personal driver for your limousine simply doesn't occur to them, because, well, they're entitled to those things because, well, because.

But hey, if they can't live on $500K/year, the Indian dude who lives next door to me can probably do their job better, and he would be overjoyed to make $500K/year. If that doesn't work, the Chinese lady who lives above me *certainly* could do their job better, and she'd be overjoyed to do it for $500K/year too. And if all else fails, the Mexican lady downstairs from me doesn't read and write English too well and her math is a bit shaky too, but that makes her different from the current batch running our banking system... how? But oops, I forget, they didn't go to the right school or have the right daddy, so that disqualifies them. And our current oligarchs are different from the French nobility of 1789... how?

-- Badtux the "Remember what happened to the French nobles in 1789" Penguin


  1. Is this idiot serious? It's this lifestyle that's the problem. There is nothing that says a bank executive HAS to live like this. So they move out of their pricey digs and let the chauffeur go. So what? They screwed up. They deserve a little pain.

  2. But TBT, pain is for the little people, not for our ruling class. Next thing you're gonna say is that they ought to send their children to public schools instead of pricey private schools. Oh the horror! Of course, if our rulers had to send their children to public schools, they might make sure that public schools had sufficient funding to provide a good education, but really. You don't expect our future leaders to mix with commoners, do you?

    1789. I'm tellin' ya.

    - Badtux the "Ain't eatin' cake" Penguin

  3. I had friend take me to Tijuana to visit friends. The walls of the house were cardboard. They were happy people, some of the nicest people I've met, and grateful that they had electricity and a gas stove, and healthy kids. I'll never forget that experience.

  4. I see no reason for them to make more that the President. Who do they think they are - pro athletes?

    I think there are plenty of people with the experience and education at the "right" schools who would be more than happy to have a job for $500K.

    If they were worth the half mill they would have already invested enough to cover themselves in hard times.


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