Thursday, February 05, 2009

Of crapflooding, flying monkeys, and pony chokers

Crapflooding is a good ole' USENET term from back in the day, when people would render newsgroups unusable by flooding them with, well, crap, so that you couldn't pick out the few usable posts from amongst the heaps of reeking turds that seemed plausible just scanning at the title lines but turned out to be nonsense when you actually opened them. I've used the term before to explain how the Rethuglicans exploit the he-said she-said "journalism" of the so-called media. When an unpleasant truth comes around, they unleash their hoards of flying monkeys to screech and howl and throw piles of monkey shit all over. They hide the truth underneath so many piles of flying monkey shit, so many reeking lies that you need a map to figure out the truth. And the so-called press refuses to give you that map, claiming that telling you what is a lie and what is true would be "analysis" rather than "news" and thus Is Not Their Business. Which is why the so-called press is going out of business -- because, in a land covered with reeking piles of flying monkey shit, somebody has to provide a shovel, and if they're not going to do so, then someone else will. More young people get their news from Jon Steward than from CNN, and that's for a reason -- Jon isn't afraid to call flying monkey shit, well, shit.

But I have found now a better description of the Rethugs' tactics when it comes to economic policy: They're pony chokers. Go read.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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