Friday, February 20, 2009

The greatest threat to America is...

What? You thought Osama bin Laden? Global warming? Terrorism? Economic collapse? Unsecured borders? No! The greatest threat to America is... gays. At least, according to Senator Chris Buttars of Utah.

Apparently that dastardly super-villain, The Gay Agenda, is going to fly around with his Gay Ray of Gayness and Queer us all! The horror! Oh the horror! Our hair will be immaculately coifed, our apartments will be decorated just MAH-velously, and we'll all live the gay life forever!

Well, at least in Chris Buttar's imagination. Can anybody say "suppressed homosexuality"? Wouldn't surprise me if he didn't do twosomes with Larry Craig in airport glory holes. I mean, Buttars. Heh.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Below: That dastardly supervillain The Gay Agenda flies the skies with his Gay Ray of Gayness, threatening to queer us all! The horror! Oh the horror!


  1. Tux, thanks for this. You made me giggle about something that has been a source of major exasperation this week.
    I keep hoping that Buttars will get back into his Fred Flintstone-mobile and pedal his way back into the stone age but he somehow keeps getting reelected. And I keep finding his rhetoric shameful.

  2. My friend thought this was offensive, but I thought it was pretty awesome. ;)

  3. i finally think this stuff is just not playing anymore...

    when your kids cant eat and you cannot pay the rent/mortgage, somehow a fab apt with prada shoes doesnt seem all that dangerous

    these guys are dangerous - and as things worsen, watch more crazies come out and start blaming jews, blacks, hispanics, women, the ACLU - their usual liste

  4. Love the cartoon. I have yet to have anyone adequately explain to me just what the hell the "gay agenda" is and why it's so damn threatening. Did I miss the memo or what?

  5. From what little baffling and befuddling conversation I've had with the tighty righties, it appears that muddled notion of "the gay agenda" is sorta like my sarcastic version That is, they think Teh Ghey is out to convert their macho boys and girly girls into sissy faggots and butch lesbians. Gay is a choice, that's what their preachers tell them (because otherwise their preachers would have to admit that God created gay people as gay and thus as God's creation gay people can't be demonized), thus it makes sense in their befuddled illogical little minds that the only reason gay people exist is because other gay people have "recruited" them to be gay i.e. shot'em with the gay ray of gayness or somethin' like that.

    At least, that's the best I can get out of their muddled rantings. These are the same people who believe Jesus rode a dinosaur and the Earth is only 6,000 years old and who still have a vague suspicion that the Earth is really flat, remember? So we can't expect any really coherent or logical reasoning from them, they don't have any...

    - Badtux the Scientific Penguin


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