Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wow. Just wow.

Fresh from beating up on a 12 year old child tragically brain-damaged in an auto accident, the Reich Wing now has a new target. In a breathtaking example of no bad deed going punished, they've now decided that they can score political points by beating up on... a two year old girl.

Wow. Just wow. Just when you thought the tighty righties could go no lower, they do it. For their next act, what will they do? Hmm, I have a suspicion of who the next target for tighty righty ire will be...

I mean, after attacking a two year old girl, surely a cute fuzzy kitten has to be their next target, right?!

-- Badtux the Astonished Penguin


  1. I'm not astonished. In fact, I'm sort of pleased, as nothing is showing the rank inhumanity of the Wingnuts as well as the S-Chip debate.

  2. Who knows what is next with them.

  3. I'd figure they have to come full circle, meaning that it's only a few days before we see the elderly being left out in the wilds of Alaska to "fend for themselves", or set adrift on a boat in the middle of the north Atlantic.

    Or maybe mercy killing of the insane? No wait, Texas already does that...

  4. I'm afraid they might be coming after snarky penguins next. You never know with this Bush Crime Family.


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