Friday, October 12, 2007

Kill a dog, go to jail

Kill a young black boy... not so much. And the all white jury agreed. And anybody who disagrees, well... they just ought to keep their mouths shut. Otherwise they might find this on their doorway:

-- Badtux the "Racism is dead in America!" Penguin


  1. That is total crap. The sickle cell had nothing to do with it.

    Bay County/Panama City is corrupt and everyone knows it. The medical examiner is incompetent, the initial investigation for the state was conducted by a former sheriff of the county, who was forced to resign. The entire program was eliminated, but they found these people not guilty.

    This isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened. The right to greater representation by free attorneys was the result of a case from Bay County that went to the Supreme Court.

  2. And let's not forget the reason that the jury was all-white, which is that Florida has systematically disenfranchised black people by disproportionately targeting blacks for drug crime enforcement then stripping their citizenship rights from them. This is no different from the old "Black Codes" of post-Civil-War days, which found blacks guilty of "vagrancy" and disenfranchised them, except it has a veneer of respectability over it because supposedly the law applies to everybody. Yeah right. Everybody knows there's two laws in this country -- one for black people, and one for white people. One of my co-workers from India knows it quite well. Her husband is rather dark-skinned for an Indian. They are *always* being pulled over for "Driving While Black", because the cops think their car is too expensive for black people to be driving (they are both very well paid computer software engineers with a combined income of around a quarter million dollars a year, so you can imagine they aren't driving Yugos!).

  3. Badtux, the only people who drive Yugos in SoCal are so wealthy they don't care, everyone else leases Bimmers.

    At $15/per day jury fee, most people can't afford to lose a week of work to sit on a jury so you get civil service and retirees who are overwhelmingly white.

  4. iichá yaa hizdah
    chich'ii bitsen yénaldi'ih

    (the axe forgets
    the tree remembers)


  5. "Racism is dead in America!"

    It is? Damn, someone forgot to tell me. Although, I will admit that many black folks give the rest of them a bad name.


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