Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More phony soldiers

Twelve former Army captains whine that Dear Leader's little war for, uhm, whatever, is a friggin' mess.

Expecting the Chickenhawks of the 101st Bloggin' Keyboarders to swiftly rush to their keyboards in their Mommies basements and pound out with their little Cheeto-stained fingers that these twelve captains are, like, obviously just a bunch of phony soldiers, unlike the brave men of the 101st Bloggin' Keyboarders who so proudly defend our nation from their Mommy's basements despite the aweful stench of a trashcan full of soiled Kleenexes due to their incessant circle-jerking... expecting, just about, uhm, oops, incoming! (No, do not click on said linkedy link unless you want to read drivel pounded on a keyboard with the Cheeto-stained fingers of a 101st Bloggin' Keyboarder who, uhm, like, never has served in Iraq and never personally known anyone who did because, ah, err, oh yeah, the war of ideas is more important, no cowardice involved just, uhm, ah, oh look over there it's a 12 year old kid dissin' Dear Leader! GET HIM!).

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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  1. great links...and damn we should support that second site - using paypal or our visa's...NOT!!!!


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