Friday, October 19, 2007


The Mighty Fang demonstrates why black-and-white photography is not dead. I think it brings out his essential blackness quite well, thank you!

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. i still adore B&W. it somehow seems more real.

  2. What a gaze! You must be one strong penguin to meet that gaze every day!

    And yes, B&W is perfect for this kind of picture. I don't use it much myself, but a photographer friend says that it's like Mozart, a test of your musical/photographic maturity. I have some growing up to do in the photographic domain.

  3. There's nothing wrong with black-and-white photography. In fact, given the way colors are used by advertisers to make you gawk and shop, and by Fox News to lull you into a right-wing stupor, maybe we could benefit from more black-and-white and less four-color processing.

    Don't wait for a kind of Renaissance, though. People like George W. Bush have given black-and-white an evil name...

  4. Steve, yes, I have much difficulty resisting that gaze, which is saying "feed me, please? Please daddy? Feed me?". But I do, because The Mighty Fang's furry wobbly little pot belly gets a little more wobbly and a little less little every year... much like his owner's own belly, alas.

  5. It's the best way to get the highlights in the coat and it reduces the need for flash which tends to wash everything out.

  6. Here is some black and white footage that may help you understand your cat (sorry for the huge URL):


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