Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bifocal vision

What a pain in the neck (literally!). Finally had no choice but to "upgrade" to bifocals because simply could not read anymore. I shudder to think about what the poor slobs with progressives go through, it was hard enough getting adjusted to the "regular" bifocals, my eyes were aching and watering for over a week before finally things settled down. The big pain in the neck is that I have to move my whole head now to look at things depending upon the distance that they're at, and when driving, cannot lean my head back (brings the line up into the windscreen). I also had to set my computer monitor on top of a pile of books to bring it to a point where the line was not across the middle of the screen while my head was in a comfortable position looking straight.

Geez, this getting old stuff sucks. Little beady penguin eyes don't see very well in the first place, but now they don't see very well close-up either? Feh. Of course, the alternative (being six feet under) sucks even worse, so...

-- Badtux the Stiff-necked Penguin


  1. While it may not help with your close-in vision, have you checked into getting laser surgery? I had RK done years ago, and my distance vision was vastly improved. If you can get it just to 'only' need reading glasses, I'd say go for it...it's quick, painless, and best of all, could get rid of the need of your bifocals!

  2. I have a medical condition that pretty much precludes laser eye surgery (or anything that requires actually touching the eyeball, like contacts). Besides, it fucks over your night vision (lights get sparkles around them and stuff like that). So I'm stuck with glasses, which is okay with me, I'd rather need glasses and, like, be able to actually see shit at night.

  3. what a drag it is getting old - rolling stones...and i feel ya my friend...i feel ya!!

  4. I rather like my progressive lenses.


  5. Progressive lenses are fine if you're not a speedreader and if you don't stare at computer screens all day. My reading requires seeing the entire field of vision in focus. Progressives simply would require me to turn my head too much and slow my reading too much compared to bifocals. Now, if my work required me to view a single point that was at some indeterminant distance, like an auto mechanic who has to stare at a bolt that might be 6 inches away or 4 feet away depending on where it is on the car, progressives would work fine for me. But that's not what I do.

  6. i have a full sized pair made like the bottom half of my bifocals (i was a normal type, i turned forty, got bifocals that week) which i use for nothing but computer screen viewing.


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