Sunday, October 28, 2007

Desert Oasis

Water is rare in the desert, and often a lucky -- or unlucky -- accident. In this case, a miner struck something more valuable than gold -- water. He moved on in disgust, but some Chinese immigrants took over his new-found water source and raised vegetables for the miners. They put the koi in the pool to keep the vegetation down, which the koi are still doing over 100 years later.

-- Badtux the Migratory Penguin


  1. one of the cool lines from "jurassic park" was the scientist who postulated life finds a way.

    if i wasn't such a cynic i'd find hope in that. . .

  2. This isn't the desert I know. Where was this pic taken?

  3. I have a better shot that shows the desert beyond the pool of water, but you could not see the fish in it so I posted this shot instead. This pool is in the northern Mojave Desert, near one of the old mining districts. I will not say further because I do not wish for it to be disturbed -- the people who need to know where it is, know where it is.


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