Monday, October 29, 2007

Hamburger review: McDonald's 1/3rd Pound Angus Swiss and Mushroom

Jack in the Box got sued by McDonalds over a commercial that punned "Angus" as "Anus" (without ever saying the last one). Jack in the Box should have gotten a reward for public service instead. This thing is nasty. Nasty nasty nasty. It consists of a 1/3rd pound beef patty that is the stereotypical grey mystery meat, tasteless to a fault, with a tiny dab of mushrooms and a big dollop of mayo and a single slice of Swiss, all put onto a hamburger bun that has the taste and consistency of the 66c-per-dozebn specials from the day-old bin at the grocer. That's it. Nasty. Nasty nasty nasty.

Now, granted, the previous day I'd eaten a hamburger at a desert hole-in-the-wall that was a mushroom guacamole swiss burger that was simply delicious (too bad the fries were out of a freezer bag and tasted like it). But even without the comparison, it was nasty.

Avoid. I should have. If I'd just gone one more exit and waited 10 minutes, I could have gotten a much better burger at one of three hole-in-the-walls in the next town. But nooo, I wanted to get the hamburger before I got to the truck stop where I was going to refuel, so that I could have time to digest so I could do the after-meal bodily functions at the truck stop, and the town with the three hole-in-the-walls is *after* the truck stop... that'll teach me, I guess. Avoid this turkey. Bad. Bad bad bad. And evil, too.

-- Badtux the Appalled Penguin


  1. Tell us how you REALLY feel about it....

    I keep hearing how wonderful Jack-in-the-Box is. It is really as good as people say (given it's a fast-food joint)?

  2. J-Bo is better than McDonalds. That's like saying that alcohol poisoning is better than cyanide poisoning though. Really, you deserve better.


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