Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Is our childrens learning?

Left: The Free Market Fairy and her mighty magic wand, all set to deal with the problems of children's health care.In yet another triumph of ideology over common sense, President Bush vetos children's health care. Because, y'know, those icky "children" have snotty noses and such, and besides the magical Free Market Fairy (see left) will take care of them, even though it doesn't now but it will, Dear Leader just knows it will gosh darn it quit bashing him over the head with them "fact" thingies everybody knows that them "fact" thingies have a liberal bias!

Now, the only question is whether the Republicans in Congress will vote to over-ride the veto or not. If they vote against the veto override, they come out as being against children and the next election will be even more brutal for Republicans than is already expected. On the other hand, for the ideologues in Congress, it's unclear whether they can hold their nose enough to vote against their ideological predisposition to believe that the Magic Market Fairy will, like, just wave her wand and make all the problems in health care provision disappear.

As for the notion that this is all just a cunning ploy to allow Congressional Republicans to come out against George W. Bush in order to enhance their re-election chances, that seems unlikely to me. Dear Leader really doesn't care anymore. He done been electorated and can't run again. And this action is fully in concordance with his ideologically-based behavior in other instances, where his believe in the Magic Market Fairy triumphs over both common sense and clearly visible reality. So yeah, I think Dear Leader really IS this heartless, and not just doing this as a political gimmick. After all, if those children can't afford health care, it's their own fault for choosing to be born.

-- Badtux the Health Care Penguin


  1. morning mr penguin

    i have a solution here -- forget health care - just place all those babies into state run houses which practice survival of the fittest...cuz ya know, that's in essence what 'they' want to happen anyways -- they only need strong, illness resistance drones to do their dirty the factories, give them their burgers and coffee on time, fix their jags and bmw's and oh yea store help for their princesses - oh yea.

    ""tongue outta cheek and being washed right now, the taste in my mouth is horrendous""

  2. Don't abort the baby, have it. After that the govt doesn't give a fuck about the little rug rat.

    Bush vetoed that bill at the gates of hell, in the dark and almost all alone. Almost no one saw him as he snickered and wrote his evil name. Only he and Satan shared the moment.

  3. they could fund this bill for an entire year on the money they spend in 10 days in iraq.

    when i heard bush, mere days after demanding 42 billion more for iraq, say "this 7 billion is too expensive, it's not fiscally sound." i fucking barfed right there.



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