Thursday, October 18, 2007

SCHIP veto vote coming up

In honor of that, Renato (a commenter at Jesus's General) points out that SCHIP pays for the medical bills of illegitimate children whose parents make bad lifestyle choices:

Democrats say the government should pay for baby Jesus’ health care. But how was baby Jesus conceived? Not by Mary’s husband, Joseph. And where did Mary choose to give birth to her child? In a stable! And what did Mary and Joseph do with the gold they received as a baby shower gift? Couldn’t they have used that to buy health care for baby Jesus?

The facts are clear. Democrats want to spend your tax money on irresponsible parents who have children out-of-wedlock!

Clearly then SCHIP is a conspiracy by the Islamafasachildwhatmacallits who want to Destroy America, and thus must be eliminated! Alrighty, then!

Postscript: SCHIP override fails. That deadbeat baby Jesus just needs to get a job like the rest of us, or die miserably without bothering us, quit bothering us with those "morals" thingies you stupid moonbats! If Mary and Joseph couldn't afford health insurance, they shouldn't have ever borne Baby Jesus, and it's only right that Mary's illegitimate child die for lack of health insurance!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. big fuckin' news, they caved, again. at least california's stark sounded like he's got a pair, but other than that, business as usual.

    it's like all those weenies in congress figured that they have an 11% approval rating because the people don't think they've sucked enough white house dick so it's time to get busy.

  2. Only two Democrats voted against S/CHIP and a couple dozen Republicans voted for it, so that kinda tells you that this wasn't the Democrats caving. This was Republicans caving. I'm not sure why, it's as if they *want* to lose their office in the next election...


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