Thursday, October 11, 2007

The kind of thing that gives lawyers a bad name

Apple and AT&T sued for "monopolistic practices" with iPhone.

Uhm, this is the absolutely stupidest lawsuit, like, forever. If you don't want to deal with Apple and AT&T's admittedly draconian practices, simply don't buy their product. There are competitors to Apple and AT&T in the cell phone business, y'know? That's what I do. I use Sprint and a Treo 700p. It does everything the iPhone does, just more clunkily. Sprint's EVDO network is much faster than AT&T's EDGE network for digital data, and Sprint lets me tether and use the phone as a modem, unlike AT&T. While I *love* Apple's OS running on the iPhone (PalmOS is showing its age, and Windows Mobile 5/6 is a user-hostile nightmare), I don't *need* it. Apple can pretty much take a flying leap as long as they continue their current user-hostile course in the iPhone market. And if everybody else who disliked Apple's idiocy did the same thing (*while letting Apple know why they are not buying an iPhone*), then Apple would either be forced to open up the iPhone, or discontinue it. In other words, Apple has no monopoly, there are competitors (albeit with inferior products in many ways), and if Apple refuses to abide by user-friendly business practices the best solution is to tell them to get farked -- not sue them.

-- Badtux the Libertarian Penguin

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