Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Today's rant: "Webinar"

Does anybody know who invented the "webinar"? I want to flog them with a limp herring. Granted, the Internet is a massive waste of time anyhow, but all these friggin' marketing "webinars" that I'm expected to view and then report to my managers about are an even more massive waste of time. Let's see, you got a tiny little window where you can watch murky indistinguishable figures blather on about how great the PolyBloxer 5000 is because it has features Burble, Gabble, and Wahwah (you can't really tell what those features are because the audio is *always* distorted and out-of-sync), and after eight minutes of this massive waste of time you're supposed to know something?

Gah. Call me old fashioned, but give me an old-fashioned web page with, like, INFORMATION on it. And pretty pictures, of course (otherwise it is visually monotonous), but I can read a HELL of a lot faster than I can watch one of these damnable creations of failed salesmen with delusions of film auteurship.

-- Badtux the Irascible Penguin


  1. I wasn't aware that penguins had managers?

  2. Linux penguins with their icebergs docked in the Silicon Valley do.

    - Badtux the Employed Penguin

  3. Obviously you need to go - be sent - to these webinars, which are probably held in out-of-the-way places like Honolulu, Squaw Valley, Branson, Las Vegas, and Miami Beach.

    Then the audio would only be out of sync if your hotel suite had a mini-bar. (And the figures would be murky, of course.)


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