Monday, October 01, 2007

Press the Meat

On Sunday's Press the Meat, the talking heads whined that the candidates wouldn't talk to them. "They spend time talking on the Internet or directly to the people at campaign events," the talking heads of the mainstream press whined. "It's just a way to avoid tough follow-up questions".

As if these guys would know what one of those were. You watch them ask questions of the Preznit, and their questions tend to be along the lines of, "will history view you as the best President in history, or just a very good one?". You watch them ask questions of Democrats, the questions tend to be along the lines of, "when did you quit beating your wife?" (or husband, in Hillary's case). Why would any candidate view the mainstream press as an asset to their candidacy at this point in time? The mainstream press has rendered itself irrelevant and useless, an organ that is the appendix of modern-day politics -- a useless organ that is not worth spending any time on, unless it annoys you so much that it needs to be cut out.

- Badtux the News Penguin


  1. I don't understand why the press attends White House events where they are abused. They aren't getting news, they are receiving talking points and no one answers their questions.

    Then they turn around and attack people who do treat them with some respect and expect those people to just take it.

    The media should put a moratorium on unnamed sources and try printing the bare facts for a while. They might find that they would become relevant again.

    I'm not interested in what the media thinks someone meant, I just want to know what they actually said.

  2. That is just all staged bullshit, but I spotted the poll.

    Health care coverage is a very complex issue because everyone wants to live to be a 100, or 200 years old, and they want everyone else to pay for it.

    How much of your wages are you willing to chip in so that a worthless fuck on the street can make it to a 100?

    If you are going to call it universal health care you have to include all the worthless fucks also.


    And have you noticed that there is a lot of worthless fucks in this country that expect you to help keep them alive?


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