Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New keyboard and mouse

I got one of those cool new low profile keyboards for my Macbook in clamshell mode (where it's displaying on my big screen). I love it. It is extremely low profile and compact so it fits well on my little slide-out keyboard tray and doesn't require a wrist pad to prevent carpal tunnel, it's like typing on the desktop! I also got a new laser mouse, a Logitech VX Nano, to replace my antiquated Microsoft mouse on my Linux server at home. The old Microsoft LED mice just don't track well compared to laser mice like my Apple Mighty Mouse, and I was tired of it. The VX Nano tracks very well. However, I found that it didn't work well with Linux because the scroll wheel doesn't work as a third button (clicking it moves it between fast-scroll and slow-scroll modes), so will probably get some other laser mouse to replace it for Linux use. But looking at it, I realized it'd be perfect for the Macbook because it has three very easy to use buttons on the top, rather than that awkward squeeze button of the Mighty Mouse. So I tucked the cute little USB receiver into one of the USB ports on the Apple keyboard, where it fits perfectly and is utterly invisible unless you pick the keyboard up to look, and downloaded the MacOS drivers from Logitech's site and programmed the buttons to do useful things -- the up button is the Expose' "show desktop" button no w, the down button is the Expose' application window selector now, and the 'Search' button pops up the Application Switcher. The wobble wheel works almost as well as the ball on the top of the Mighty Mouse, but my mouse ball was always needing to get cleaned with alcohol because it keeps gumming up (known problem with the Apple Mighty Mouse, I put up with it because there was no alternative). Having two real left/right buttons means I don't have to deal with the touch-sensitive silliness on the Mighty Mouse. Still don't know if I'm going to replace the Mighty Mouse with this thing on a permanent basis, but it does look like a reasonable thing to use in clamshell mode where I have the USB keyboard plugged in anyhow.

'Nuff for now. I'm busy geeking out.

-- Badtux the Geek Penguin


  1. I'm wondering how this helps a Penguin's ecology. Or maybe the penguin doesn't care?

  2. It improves the penguin's immediate ecology, since it reduces carpal tunnel pressure and thus improves the penguin's health. Unfortunately, there is a conflict here between short term and long term impacts. Short term, the penguin benefits. Long term, all the plastic that went into making these gizmos is gonna add to global warming and bake the penguin. Of course, in the long term, the penguin is dead...

    - Badtux the Fatalistic Penguin

  3. I'm not clear on how an omnipresent penguin becomes dead. That is just one body, it hasn't got much to do with the spirit.

  4. I hate to break it to you, BBC, but a penguin is an animal. Just meat. No "spirit" involved. Just like those hairless apes that also infest this planet. It may make you feel better about your impending departure from this mortal coil to deny the simple facts of life and death, but meat is meat.

    -- Badtux the "Tastes like chicken!" Penguin


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