Sunday, March 25, 2012

You aren't going to believe this...

This morning my Comcast cable Internet came back to life with a nice strong signal, but I couldn't get anywhere. So I got on the chat line with a Comcast technician and she apparently did some magic involving re-provisioning and I went to a couple of web sites and it was, like, BAM BAM BAM! Just *SO* quick, the quickest it's *ever* been. I was about to close the chat session with the Comcast technician... and then my Internet went dark and my cable modem reported, "No Signal".

Turns out that my next door neighbor in the unit next door is moving out, and a Comcast technician disconnected "their" cable service. Which turned out to be *my* cable service, since all utilities come in at the corner of the other unit in this duplex. Unfortunately, by the time I realized what had happened said technician was already a couple of blocks down the road and accelerating away rapidly.

Unbelievable. Un-fucking-believable. And now they just say "a technician will call you"... they won't even give me a frickin' time window for when a technician will show up and re-connect my Internet!

Comcraptastic. Yo.

-- Badtux the Almost-Internetless Penguin

UPDATE: I put in the order for AT&T U-Verse service about 5 minutes ago. I also did it technician install so that their technician can figure out which of the ten phone lines that enter this unit (yes, TEN, a prior denizen ran a business here) is the best and use that one for the service.

Update #2: A technician called me. The soonest they can come out to replace the service they mistakingly cut is Tuesday morning at 7:30AM to 8:30AM. So I go online via my dial-up tethered Internet to check my appointment status to make sure they entered the information correctly and this is what I see:

Your appointment is scheduled for:

Date       Day       Time

03/27/2012    Tuesday 61:00PM - 71:00PM     Reschedule | Cancel



  1. Hehehehehe

    I've been pleased with my Wavecable service, it goes out for a while at times but I am in the boondocks so to speak.

  2. Good gracious. It sounds like you were having a stressful time of it. These Internet providers know they have us whether we stay with them or not. There will always be someone else changing to another provider because of that sort of crap. My provider has tons of notes of my calls and service reports!

  3. I hope I don't suck that bad at what I do.

    It used to be that if I really sucked at my job when I worked on medical wards, people would die. People who weren't supposed to die, that is. Only happened once. Old Greek guy, post-op, I was put in charge of the ward for the first time ever, working midnight shift, on the day I got back from a month-long holiday in Europe. I got distracted with some in-charge duties, he got out of bed when I wasn't looking, pulled all sorts of shit loose like his IV line, urinary catheter, the staples on his incision, he fell after slipping in a pool of his own blood and urine, his arm was bent back at a most unnatural angle, and he died right there on the floor as the code team worked on him. I sucked pretty bad at my job that night.

    So there are worse things than Comcast, Tux. At least you didn't die. I bet you didn't even get blood and urine on your floor.

    Now that I'm on a psych ward, if I suck, who can tell? The crazy people might get a little crazier, but they could be doing that on their own. I suppose I could suck Comcastically bad and the crazy people could attack me. Hasn't happened yet. If it does, you likely won't hear about it, because one of them will have killed me.

  4. It's telling that you no longer see a Comcast rep posting in any thread reporting trouble with service.

    Either they gave up trying to fight that war, or their finite number of such employees can't even begin to keep up with their jobs.

  5. It's both, Nangleator. They truly, awesomely rock at absolute suckiness.

  6. Don't know about the U-verse people, but I've had AT&T home phone service for forever. While getting service scheduled can suck, the people who actually came out to do the service -- including the guy who scoured the neighborhood until he found the problem on the service wire -- have been quite good. I hope the U-verse people are the same.

  7. My experience with Comcast was that they were really, really good at getting me going when I was a new customer and then set new records for suckiness as soon as the ink had dried on the contract. Their competitors should be sending Comcast thank you cards because no matter how bad anyone else is, Comcast always manages to be worse.

  8. I apologize for the frustrating experience. I work for Comcast and I would like to help in expediting the repairs. Please feel free to contact with with your info and a link to this page.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  9. "We're here to help."

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  10. They're just here to serve man, M. Bouffant. The carrots and potatoes are optional ;).

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin


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