Friday, March 09, 2012

Cat space

The Mighty Fang disappeared. I couldn't find him anywhere. Then I noticed that the closet door in the music room was just barely open, so I slid it to the left and peered in -- into a furry face. Here it is when I slid everything wide open to the light of day:

I disturbed his grooming, so in the next pic he's basically saying, "pet me, you moron":

Just another day in a cat-owned penguin's life, heh!

- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. A couple of weeks ago, we were moving a new mattress into our house and inadvertently left the door open and unattended briefly. When we realized it, we hastily looked around for our indoor-only cats. Paddy appeared to inspect the new mattress, but Rocky was nowhere to be found. We looked everywhere; no Rocky. Finally we concluded he must have gone for a walk outside. It was dark; there was no hope of finding him. He's pretty dumb and not at all streetwise, so we were very worried.

    Then Husband went to use the toilet and called out, "the vanity is purring!" Sure enough, he'd managed to pull open the vanity door and crawl inside behind the plumbing.


  2. Yah, that sorta matches what Mencken did when I was moving from Arizona to California, it was time to leave, the house was empty, nothing to do but put their food and water dish and litter box and themselves into the cab of the truck (in their kitty carriers), I'd gotten TMF into his cat carrier and now time to put Mencken into his and... uhm... no Mencken! I ended up opening all the cabinet doors looking in the kitchen looking for him, no Mencken, closed them, went off and looked in every vanity and every closet, still no Mencken, I was scared he'd run out somehow when I was moving furniture and sh*t out. So I walked outside and around the house but that didn't feel right because Mencken *hates* outside. So I walked in and started doing it all over again and when I opened the cabinet above the refrigerator, who looks out? You guessed it.

    I still to this day insist that I *did* look in that cabinet above the refrigerator before looking in the rest of the house... and that he must have slipped into Cat Space temporarily during that first tour of the house and slipped out of it into that cabinet *after* I first looked into that cabinet. Heh. All's well that ends well, I guess.

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

  3. When I had kids in the house, we once lost a cat for two days. Looked, called, rattled the cat food bowl. Nothing. Two full days later I finally saw her big round eyes in the Toy Pile, in my daughters closet! I had looked there more than once but in a waist high pile of 'stuffed toys' how can you see one real cat? Sigh.
    A cat owned

  4. I once somewhat spontaneously adopted two maybe ten-wk. old kittens at a street fair, & took them to a small one bedroom apt., when they soon disappeared, absolutely & completely. Eventually found them both inside the box springs, perched on the frame so they couldn't be seen if you just looked on the floor under the bed, even three million or so times.

  5. Heh, when I brought Mencken home, he disappeared like that too. I put food and water and a cat box out, and when I came home from work in the evening I noticed that food and water had disappeared and deposits appeared in the cat box, and eventually he got tired of being in Cat Space anb came out and started interacting with me (and interacting, and interacting, and interacting -- he's a very verbose cat who has an opinion about everything, thus his name, duh!). Cats. Heh.

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


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