Monday, March 26, 2012


World Nut Daily asks, "has America been duped by Hitler-style propaganda?"

Yes, Joseph "Crazy Joe" Farah. The "Big Lie" works, as you very well know with your birth certificate Hitler-style propaganda campaign, which has the majority of Republican voters convinced that there are Communists, Muslims, and labor unionists under every corner trying to overturn the Reich, much as the average German during Hitler's regime believed such thing (except substitute "Jew" for "Muslim"). Sheesh.

-- Badtux the "You Suck Crazy Joe" Penguin


  1. A thing I noticed about wingnuts is their reflex need to hijack and use our most pointed attacks back at us... even when it presents a complete logic fail. I had a wingnut tell me progressives like me are against change, and holding the country back from progress.

    When they use the word "tyranny," it's always amusing. Providing any kind of government assistance is tyrannical. Government money for charity is harmful, and not just to the victims of the tax man, but for the recipients.

    They much prefer to give money to a select few (obedient) charity recipients.

  2. What ever, go polish your Jeep.

  3. it's all projection, in everything republicans do. which is part of the big lie, of course.

  4. What Proverbial said! What I wonder is whether the Repigs get cognitive dissonance from all the projection and appropriation they do.

    They obviously realize that many ideas that they despise are popular with the majority of sane people. And many of the ideas that they love are disgusting to folks who are not insane like them. So they consciously steal the ideas, or at least the words, of the popular things they hate. And they take their own concepts that revolt decent people, and say that others are guilty of what the Rethugs actually do. How does it not blow their little minds, or even cause them to CHANGE their minds, to adopt what they detest, and to pretend to accuse others of what they actually support?


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