Thursday, March 22, 2012

Comcast officially sucking bad tonight

I can't even get the Friday music up :(.

The problem is that every time I contact Comcast, the problem goes away by the time someone comes by to check on things. They have an intermittent connection somewhere between my house and the local POP, but they have no idea where, and the guy in the Comcast truck cruising the neighborhood looking for it is stumped too.

AT&T just put a POP in my neighborhood for their U-verse service, which is fiber to the neighborhood POP then copper to the individual houses. Maybe I need to try them out, sigh...

- Badtux the Bummed-out Penguin


  1. AT&T U-verse is fine if installed correctly and no line problems. Friend had a line problem that took about 20 visits and 3 months to fix.

    However, AT&T customer service makes Assad look like Ghandi in comparison. They cannot fix stuff right to save their lives. Just closing an account resulted in 5 checks back and forth, three months, and a collection agency referal. Otherwise, they get constant complaints on simple issues that just never seem to get fixed, no matter what they say everytime you call.

    Good luck.

  2. Sounds like Comcast! :). Except that with Comcast you don't have a dedicated wire from your house to the POP box, so the problem might be anywhere in the entire neighborhood, they have absolutely no idea what or who is causing my Internet service to occasionally disintegrate into static.

    One thing I might try is running them basically in parallel for a while, and use my big Linux box as a router to route my internal network to whichever Internet happens to be up at the moment :). Easily accomplished with a simple routing daemon to plop an appropriate default route onto the system for use by the NAT packet processor whenever its line condition test (pinging Google) indicates one or the other is experiencing packet loss.

    Just checked my modem and they managed to only provision me with one channel during their nightly re-provision... everything else is too noisy! Gah. U-Verse can't be worse than that!

  3. Hi there!

    I work for Comcast. If you're interested in my help, I can reach out to my local colleagues to look into the matter and escalate to the appropriate person(s).

    Please feel free to contact me, provide your information, your best contact number and a link to this page (for reference).

    Thanks in advance and I apologize for the trouble.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  4. Up here in Maine, we have Comcast Internet at the office (originally donated by one of the local companies Comcast gobbled up). The local connections or nodes or whatever they're called are in a box across the street... a box that is held together with duct tape. Every time our Internet goes down, we call Comcast, they say the problem is on our end, we ask them to "tickle the modem" (their term), they do, they say everything is working properly and it's OBVIOUSLY our end...but as soon as they ping the box, everything wporks again.

    It's gotten so bad, we're giving up donated Internet to pay a real provider. Like maybe AOL, fer crissakes.

    And if Mark Casem is a real person, he's gonna have sooooo many emails from disgruntled customers.......!


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