Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yay! My Comcast is back!

Normal posting should resume this evening. The technician hooked me back up and tightened everything up at the pole, and now I'm getting the best signal I've ever gotten -- around 3-4db higher SNR than what I was previously getting. So even if things degrade again in the rain, it should still be higher than the 30db floor below which my modem can't scrape sufficient signal out of the noise to properly function.

-- Badtux the Now-Internetted Penguin


  1. Hey, that's awes me! Just le us kn w if t er ar any m re pr l ms w th our ser ce.

  2. I ended my Comcast service because I'm moving. Took the gear back, paid the bill.

    They then shut off my neighbor's service.

    I'm happy to be done with those putzim.

  3. I am happy to know that you are now up and running. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to contact me.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  4. No wireless signals in the area you could have piggybacked on?

  5. M. Bouffant, we of course have a city-wide WiFi network here in Santa Clara. I can actually get access to it from my front yard. But it's actually slower than AT&T's 3G service, believe it or not. Probably because of all the pervs downloading pron, grr. Not to mention that it's been cold and raining, and rain is hard on computers :).

  6. Does it creep you out that you have Comcastways monitoring your blog and leaving comments? Did you mention that you had a blog when you made a service call, or do they have surveillance software that checks when their craptastic company is mentioned?

  7. Now you can post a whole bunch more stuff so fast that your ten readers can only have time to follow about a third of.

  8. Except for those of us who have brains that work 66% faster than yours. Which would be 90% of us.

  9. Bukko, the Comcastbot crawls teh Google regularly looking for instances of people complaining about Comcast service, and posts on them. I do not tell Comcast support or service people that I have a blog and given what I occasionally post about Comcast, I have not sent any emails or contacts to the ComcastCares dude with my personal details, and have no interest in doing so -- that's a good way to get a C&D letter from their law sharks. As is, they'd have to actually file a lawsuit and then subpoena Google to find out the actual human whose inner penguin runs this blog. If I were having trouble getting Comcast to fix things I would likely have escalated further, but they eventually do manage to get things right... then break them again due to their own staggering incompetence, but heh.

    BBC, given my work schedule, the chance of me posting more stuff than can be read in a day by anybody with a high-school-level reading comprehension is unlikely. I realize that back in your day you were allowed to drop out after 4th grade, but still.

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  10. Bukko, the Comcastbot crawls teh Google regularly looking for instances of people complaining about Comcast service, and posts on them.

    Ooh! I was about to go to my mostly non-existent blog and write a spurious post about how my Comcast service has been sucky lately. (Not bloody likely in Canada, eh?) Spoof 'em! Do some culture-jamming, start urging other people to do the same just to fck with Comicass. Then I thought that Crapcast probably has robots with algos to analyze the language in a post and go down a list of pre-programmed response post. Which would take about 2 nanoseconds, compared to the 5 whole minutes! or more it would take out of my life to author something authentically bogus. Which would be another victory for Conjobcast in their "We want to make you waste the time of your life" battle. So fck that. I've wasted enough time on this already, but at least I'm providing some slight entertainment for one of my fellow ghosts in the machine.

    And it gives me another chance to snark about BC. You know, the rules about dropping out in the 4th grade are still the same as it was in his day. It was always OK to do that if you still hadn't made it to 5th grade by the time you were 16 years old.


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