Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More incompetent than Comcast

Un-fucking believable. So I wait for the U-verse installer this morning. No-show. So I call them. They're, like, "gosh, I don't have any record that you had an appointment this morning." "Err... you guys sent me an email saying I had a *confirmed* appointment this morning!" "Well, we can schedule one for another day..."

Fuck that shit. I cancelled the order. And they'll probably fuck *that* up too. Sigh.

Y'know, I rag on Comcast, but while they aren't the world's sharpest tacks, at least they *try*. But AT&T can't even get rule #1 of sales right -- "don't fuck up the order process, that's money in the bank." Fuck that shit.

And just because I'm feeling pissy, I'm going over to the Verizon store and trading in my tired old AT&T iPad on one of those brand new Verizon iPads. Blthhhhht!

-- Badtux the Annoyed Penguin


  1. If you're gonna give the new iPad screen a good workout you need to read a book. has a free library (give 'em a taste, and they'll pay forevermore...) where you can get an ebook in the sic-fi or fantasy genre:

  2. Yeppers, been a fan of the Baen folks for quite some time. I use Calibre' to manage the books I've downloaded from Baen and O'Reilly (technical publishers with similar policies to Baen). And yeah, I've bought the other books in a series where they put just the first book in the free library. Bastards ;).

    - Badtux the eReading Penguin

  3. I have Uverse and they are the worst! When I had it installed I asked the person not to leave the cable on the floor (new puppies = disaster). Still did it. When they came back to fix it, I left work early so I could be there 15 minutes early. They showed up 30 minutes early and decided I was a no-show. However, between them and Suddenlink there is no difference. Equal evils.

  4. Husband and I just switched our cell phone service to Verizon and contemplated smart phones. Then we looked at the base monthly price for data packages and were appalled. This led to a discussion about "do we really NEED data when we live next to our computers?" and we ended up getting voice service only.

    There may be cheaper carriers, but Verizon will soon be the only carrier that serves the rural area where we like to hang out when work permits. So we're sort of stuck.

  5. I've been with Verizon a number of years now for cell service. I have the Iphone with the data package. Mine is unlimited data for $30 per month since I was grandfathered in when they changed the data levels. Before that I had a bad experience with AT&T, my last comment to one of their sales people that called and tried to keep me as a customer when I cancelled two commercial accounts, a personal home phone and 4 cellphone lines was "If AT&T was the only phone service in the world, I'd string tin cans together and yell into them". Never looked back, Verizon always has treated me right, as I tell my daughter, it amazing what they will do when you pay your bill on time and in full.

  6. Yeah, I was happy with Verizon's cell service when we had it previously. But four years ago, the only cell service in Rural Community was Nextel, so we switched to it. Super, super cell service in Rural Community... not so much in the city where we live. In fact, with a metal roof, we had NO service in our house at all. Since I've been working from home, I've steamed and fussed and generally made Husband's life difficult over the issue, but nothing changed until a)Sprint announced it was decommissioning its Nextel towers and b)Verizon decided to serve Rural Community.

    It's so nice to pick up the cell phone in the house, and just make a call...

  7. But back to the subject at hand, Tux, I've had uber-difficulty scheduling AT&T appointments for landline phone service. For phone, they schedule their techs as if every service call consists of checking service at the box on the user's house, announcing that it's an internal problem, and leaving. When the techs are "running late" -- i.e., when they're actually doing work -- service can be delayed by a day or more.

    But the service itself has always been great. It sounds like Señorita Andalucíana's experience with Uverse techs is totally different than mine with phone techs. Perhaps it's good thing that you cancelled the service.

  8. Thanks for the support, folks.

    And now it's Verizon fucking up. This morning while I was in the shower I got a call from "Customer Protection". When I got out and heard the voice mail I figured it was something to do with selling those goddamned insurance things, but tried to call back anyhow, and got caught in some voice mail system from hell that had no way I could tell of routing me to the person who called. At which point it was time to go to work, fuckit.

    Now I'm suspecting that their fraud filter at the credit card company spit out the transaction as possible fraud, 'cause they haven't updated the status of my order on their web site. Fuckall has shipped, even though it was supposed to ship today. So I guess in the morning I gotta go back to the Verizon store and raise some hell and cancel the order if they can't figure out what the fuck is going on.

    I swear. I have money. I'm willing to spend it. I've now tried spending it in two different places... and these incompetent asshats ain't willin' or able to provide the requested services and take it! What's with that? If this is how the typical American company is run, is it any wonder that American companies nowadays are just order takers for the Chinese, Koreans, and Taiwanese that actually make the shit they sell?

    - Badtux the Baffled Penguin

  9. Requisition bricks and mortar. Construct wall. Bang head.

  10. BT, if you're having trouble spending your money, send it my way. Still a lot of businesses here who appreciate customers.

  11. If you can't give Verizon your money, these kids are in your neck of the woods and I'm sure they'd appreciate a little lucre love:

    Viper Kickstarter:


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